To Rewrite History of Love with Our Clothes

There was a time, not-too-distant, that clothes matter us, even not being fans or followers of fashion. At that time our clothes contained stories or stories of life. In fact, there were pieces that we called “mandas”, because we used them in so followed way, which seemed that we were asking for a favor to a Saint. But from one moment to another, any change. He stopped importing US and we got a emotionally divorced her. When did that occur? Today I analyze it and give you some tips to fall in love again.
How our clothing reenamorarnos

Clothes covers our body protects us from nudity and shelters. Also can give us power, reaffirm our position in the world, so also as enhancing our individual identity and collective.
Before the arrival of the fast fashion or linked to the major retail brands, fast fashion clothing did matter to us. We took time pick it, we ahorrábamos to buy it and even thought about their future from a long-term perspective. How long it would last or could inherit it who were normal, everyday questions according to

However, the irruption of the costumes at low prices changed our perception of it. We began to see it as a disposable, temporary object and simply responded to needs and impulses of an instant, almost always irrelevant, fruit of chance or the trend of season.
The problem is that that way of consuming, this detachment to our wardrobe created a monster. One where the pollution and exploitation of human beings is their food.
But how to return to want an object that today fills our closet, which sometimes even us inseguriza and uncomfortable?
First aware that one can weave stories of love with your clothes and remember when it was the last time that we feel that: that sweatshirt with which we went to backpack; the dress that we use to this day where we won; the shoes that made us “Queens of the night”, etc.
After recall, Let’s look at our closet and identify what parts contain stories. We treasure those moments and promise to continue writing stories with her.

Then we try to buy that symbolic head axle and privileged items that come with a “story” by give a new meaning as which offers fashion author, as well as of the vintage clothes and even used.
Now if our choice is massive clothes, evaluate possibilities has to say something positive (we know who made it, for example), has the potential to “live” more than 2 sunsets to tell?.

In all cases, the key is to understand that can Jenny love stories with our dress, we can make it an instrument of communication of our life, only if we stop buying impulsive and we turn to engage with your silhouette and invisible “heart”.
Maybe you can write a story of love with your clothes?