Toda € ™ s Winter Gommino

When FIAT boss Gianni Agnelli broke the foot of the Italian Alps saw Tod’s boss Diego Della Valle a sparkling opportunity. Agnelli influence over Italian men’s clothing habits could not be underestimated, prompting Della Valle to send over a couple of brand new winter boots, Winter Gommino, in the hope that they would relieve aches Agnelli while strengthening the Tod’s brand. Agnelli became so fond of the model that he wore it to both holiday style as in the boardroom. Today, Tod’s Winter Gommino one of the brand’s most classic model.

Agnelli attributable to many eccentric style combinations. As to wear the watch on the outside skjortmanschetten, cashmere necktie outside pullover or button-down the shirt collar unbuttoned. When he matched their pinstripe suits from Italian tailor Caraceni with ankle high boots in brown suede, there were many who again raised his eyebrows. But Agnelli bar combination with such a matter of course, that it quickly became a safe hallmark of Italian style.

Tod’s who in recent years put a strong focus on its classic has once again highlighted the Winter Gommino in its range. For those who want to try Agnelli combination recommended a matte flannel suit of impeccable cut, but especially Molto Sprezzatura.