Too Many Layers for The Streets, We Will Go to Fly at Any Time?

Which has bundled Burberry Prorsum! Since in the parade of last winter the British firm proposed a legion of coats custom for this winter I have not seen other clothing on the streets. When something becomes fashionable there is very little reaction time both for competition and for own customers.

There is little time for competition because as soon as it comes out on the runway they have to get your hands on to create something similar and even identical to offer to the public that both will want. The role of customers is different, they have little time to think if you like the garment or not, buy it and wear it before anyone else to be a bit original and not fall into boredom.

Boredom is what me is starting to produce the mantas-capas, ponchos and other favorite garments. You go down the street and find few people who has resisted this trend. It is clear that it is very beautiful and that There are real wonders but when the market collapses passes or happens, everyone is usually opt for the same economic stores clothing and there are plenty of them.

There is in any shop that there is any piece of this style, in stores like Zara or Mango we found one almost in every corner shop so it starts to saturate. Then how difficult is to merge it properly and not believe Kate Moss with her, but that is matter of another chapter in the history of the coat. I still want to find a different.

Photos | Kayture Peeptoes

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