Top 10 Watch Trends For The Year 2016

Although watches are comparatively small in fashion, there are some trends that change seasonally or yearly. Even before the big watchmakers SIHH and Basel-World as mood barometer give the stylistic directions for the year, we show you here the most important 10 trends for the watch year 2016. You can find our Top 10 watch trends for 2017 here.

1. Downsizing

What began a year or two ago continues this year: men’s watches are getting smaller again.After decades of the diameter increase are now again smaller housing sizes announced, so that more sporty watches in the nearest to a size of around 39 to 42 millimeters, and elegant watches like the illustrated Junghans Max Bill automatic (38 millimeters) also well and gladly underneath can.

2. Classic Watches

The mechanical watch has long since been abandoned by its own noisy emancipation, which had arisen with the end of the quartz crisis. In 2016, therefore, watches are mainly classic and simple. More than in previous years, she always arranges herself at the outfit of the wearer and evaluates the wearer’s outfit on a complementary and complementary basis to the rest of the clothing.

3. Hand-Held Watches With Long Gear Reserve

Brands such as IWC and Panerai have prevailed, and other brands also increasingly rely on manually retractable timepieces with (over) long gear reserves. The prolonged drive force is made possible by additional spring housings which can store the manually supplied energy for a longer period of time.

4. Go Vintage

Although somehow already an old hare under the clock centers, watches with retro style remain also in the year 2016 popular. Often, however, the vintage note is much more subtle in design than in the past few years. Instead of obvious heritage references – such as curved lettering in sepia tone and brownish radiance in the aged radium look – in 2016, it is generally the case of general vintage attributes such as fine lines and contours, as well as deliberate omission of eye-catching design elements.

5. Additional Dials For Non-Chronographs

Also trendy are elegant wristwatches with one or two sub-dials, which fulfill functions other than those of the stop time measurement. Regardless of whether decentralized second-hand seconds, gear reserve displays or, for example, date pointers – small auxiliary dials are especially in the case of more elegant clocks, thus providing the functional aspect for a small twist with otherwise reduced watch designs.

6. Stainless Steel And White Gold

After years of experiments with a wide range of housing materials, the advantages of the classics among the housematerials – above all stainless steel. The great advantage is probably the longevity and easy polishability of the material, which is why just vintage watches made of stainless steel are still so often in excellent condition. In addition to steel, the demand for watches made of white gold is rising, which seems to replace the rose gold trend of recent years.

7. Customizing With Matching Leather Strap

The watch lover has not been content with a single wristwatch for a long time, but has an assortment of several timepieces which he can adapt to the outfit. He especially likes to do these days with different types of leather bracelet, which are matched with the rest of the wardrobe depending on the color and style.

8. Rediscovery Of The Cold Color Spectrum

There are some models available these days with low-brow dials. Dark blue model variations of Vulcain Cricket , the Frederique Constant Ultrathin and the Portofino andPortuguese collection by IWC are just a few examples of the coldest of all colors.

9. Dual Color Games

Two-color combinations are absolutely trendy these days. This applies both to the now already extinct Bicolor case of gold and stainless steel (especially in combination with elegant leather bracelets), as well as two-color dual-tone dials.

10. Get Connected

Also, as well-known lovers of mechanical watches, we are not concerned about the Smartwatch theme. With the launches of the TAG Heuer Connected and the Horological Smartwatch from Frederique Constant and Alpina, the Apple Smartwatch has also won competition from established luxury watch manufacturers. It is only in the coming months and years that we will be able to see whether the market segment is able to tap into a sustainable market segment.