Top 5 of Carhartt Winter Jackets

Carhartt jackets are one of the favourites of lovers of urban clothing. Most have had some wrap Detroit brand in our closet. Carhartt has 25 years improving the most classical models of his collection, including the Anchorage, the Clash Parka or the Trapper Parka without neglecting innovation and new trends. For example, for this winter have manufactured Carhartt Sail and Bryan jackets without hood that are most stoked.

The next few lines we present some of the jackets that work best within the collection of Carhartt jackets. Sure that you find the best of adjusts to your needs!

Carhartt Anchorage Parka

Jacket from Carhartt par excellence. A coat with very warm inner lining and hood with detachable hair. One of the most basic garments but in the most complete turn that reissued the collection season after season for both boy and girl. This jacket will not miss in the closet of the most trifle!

Carhartt Anchorage Parka

Carhartt Clash Parka

This legendary Detroit brand louse has become one of Carhartt jackets favored by lovers of urban clothing. It is perfect for getting around the city and is that despite being a shelter, not having a fat lining as the Anchorage makes it a very versatile jacket and is very convenient both for travel by public transportation or walk with her to either side. Also manufactured for girl or boy.

Clash Parka

Carhartt Nimbus Pullover

The Kangaroo that everyone wants! The Nimbus is one of the most sought-after Carhartt jackets. With a very good quality/price ratio, this jacket becomes a favorite of the young ones that don’t have to remove it as a sweatshirt. Carhartt Nimbus jacket is perfect for winter by backing which has in its interior as for summer if you do not want to wear sweatshirts. Also in their versions, boy or girl, this jacket is made of almost exclusively for our country, and this year comes again in color Carhartt Orange, the most requested!

Carhartt Nimbus jackets

If you want to get a jacket Carhartt Nimbus… run flying!

Trapper Parka

One of the jackets more you tochas in Atlas. A piece of jacket that has it all: hood lined with skin of sheep and detachable hair; contrasting elbow pads, zipper flap with snap buttons and double meaning; large pockets with snap and flap closure; interior trim cuffs for a better fit and to prevent the cold…

What more can be asked to a Carhartt jacket for winter?

Carhartt Trapper Parka

Carhartt Hickman

A high-end Carhartt jacket for those who want to maintain a sober and elegant image. Perfect for lovers of urban fashion and the most sophisticated streetwear. Carhartt Hickman jackets are some of the most practical collection by its four front pockets with buttons closure snap that will serve to bring everything you need at all times.

Perhaps you recognize it because this jacket is the favorite of Jordi Evole, better known as the Noisemaker.

Jacket Carhartt Hickman

This has been our Top 5 of Carhartt jackets for the winter, but they are not the only ones we have in Atlas. Enter our website and you will see other models which are also enjoying among our customers. In addition, don’t forget that we also have many discounted Carhartt jackets in JacketPanel!