Trash the Dress – What Is It?

Having souvenirs only from wedding day photos is no longer enough for brides. The new fashion is now the Trash The Dress . At first the term may seem scary, but a lot of people must be wondering “how do you destroy the dress”?

Trash the Dress – What Is It

The trash the dress is nothing more than a photo essay in exotic settings, without fear or concern to ruin or dirty the bride’s dress, the proposal of this photographic essay is really daring.

The idea of ​​this exotic photo essay was born out there, where brides begin to do rehearsals in editorials, with no concern about ruining their dress. Some international essays even show more radical photos, but here in Brazil the concept is simpler, just not being afraid to wet or dirty the dress.

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How is Trash The Dress made?

Usually, the rehearsal of the trash the dress is performed a few days after the ceremony or honeymoon . In the session both the bride and groom take part in the photos, being able to lie on the floor, roll in the sand, enter the water and many other options. The rehearsal is a moment of relaxation in which the bride and groom should not be surrounded by all that marriage concern in which everything should be perfect, ideally the picture should be spontaneous and as natural as possible.

The trash the dress still has its light version , that is, for women who do not like to ruin the dress. In this case the photo essay is only done in a different place, it is enough to get incredible photos for the new album of wedding memorabilia.

The purpose of the rehearsal is to relax, to demonstrate the complicity of the couple, so it is worth noting, brides do not have to worry about the dress for fear of soiling, wetting or tearing, because the idea is just that. Of course here in Brazil, the dresses are often not bought but rented, which can make this practice difficult.

But photographers specializing in this type of essay guarantee that it is possible to do the trash the dress with a rented dress without any problems. The only recommendation is to talk to the studio where the dress will be rented, talk about your intention to do this type of rehearsal, and also hit on the rental of the dress, if it can be extended for a few more days.

The trash the dress rehearsal requires the bride and groom a little more daring on the part of both, as both the bride and groom will participate in the rehearsal in the dirty linen of the wedding. Anyone who comes across this bold rehearsal will have to be willing to let go and have fun in front of the photos.

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Scenery for the Trash The Dress

The choice of scenery is also a very important element to make the photos even more daring. The most frequent choices include beaches, waterfalls, farms, large gardens, disabled train stations, among several other scenarios.

Other locations that are really cool to be performing this type of photographic essay are the museums, parks, country clubs and tourist attractions, which is worth releasing the imagination. The more exotic the scenario, but different and beautiful will be the result of the essay trash the dress . For example, if both parties like football, why not conduct a photo shoot at a stadium? That’s the tip for the bride and groom.

A great scenario suggestion is a place that has special meaning for the bride and groom or the place they met, where he made the wedding request, or where they gave the first kiss. But once, it is worth noting that imagination is the best option. Go with your wedding dress in places you would never dress that way. The location for the trash the dress rehearsal should include varied and unusual environments. A beach with a forest, for example, an abandoned factory or even a lake close by. The water element is very important as in general most of the pictures of the trash the dress includes the wet dress.

There are essays in which the photographer accompanies the couple even on the honeymoon, can be a nice idea depending on the destination of the couple’s trip. The important thing is that the photos reflect the style of the bride and groom. However, despite the exotic photos and unusual locations, the trash the dress is a special moment that allows for emotional memories for the bride and groom.

It is the moment where the bride gets dressed and can live the feeling of dressing again the dress that marked the most important date of her life and share with her husband the most fun moments of the essays that are recorded in beautiful and different photographs.