Trend 2016: Comfortable And Chic Shoes

Sometimes we can think that in today’s fashion, the higher the heels you wear, the more chic your outfit is and the more fashionable you’ll see.

Trend 2016: Comfortable And Chic Shoes

However this is not always true, taking into account that for some seasons the low shoes can also be very chic, if you combine them with the appropriate outfit for each occasion. And the best news is that shoes without heels are comfortable shoes that will not hurt your feet or cause knee or spine problems.

This type of shoes and elegance are not fought, on the contrary, today we see many Hollywood celebrities, models, artists and singers wearing flat shoes without sacrificing their taste for fashion and looking good wherever they go. We know that the lifestyle of these people is very busy and therefore can not always walk in heels, and the same applies to the general population.

With the types of life that we carry in this time, in which we are forced by society to work long hours, to do everything in a hurried way or even to perform several tasks at the same time, as in the case of moms or dads Multitasking, it is evident that the weariness will come from one moment to another, and it would be impossible to wear tight or uncomfortable shoes or shoes when going for the children, going to visit clients or companies or so many more activities that we have to carry out throughout our days.

Luckily for women and men workers and entrepreneurs, working too many hours or workplaces are not the most appropriate to bring high heels or very formal shoes, there are a variety of comfortable shoes very fashionable, and luckily for Many also, there is Brantano, a Mexican company that manufactures footwear for ladies and gentlemen of skin, which makes them ultra comfortable, which in turn stands out as an online store with a wide catalog of various models that will reach you at Door of your home.


In the first place we will mention the balerinas, whose designs extend to those of narrow point, round, in peak, smooth or printed, with adornments and applications and of many materials. This footwear does not go out of fashion for its comfort, versatility and above all the style that they bring to your attire, in addition to that they are very usable in this season spring summer. Although there are many classic and conservative models, today are balerinas with a retro touch, either with bright or contrasting colors, smooth or with designs like flowers or greca.

Check our catalog for example the FH-15483 , JJ-70018 and JJ-7006 if you are looking for retro-style balerinas with sharp tips or rivets, which are models that many designers have launched this year 2016. There are also proposals for Basic shapes with buckles or appliques and pastel retro prints.

Flips flops:

The sandals are very feminine options and combine very well with dresses and skirts, be they day or to go out at night.We recommend checking our models FH-16105 and V-16-016 with rivets and gold heels for a night out, a party or a bar, or more casual and day models such as JR-4036 and JR-4046.

Now, comfort is not only synonymous with low shoes, because if you do not mind using a little heel you can opt for some very comfortable like wedges and platforms, which will provide support and confidence when walking. If you’re looking for a little more elegance, choose a black party sandals, such as our model DR-2321 and DR-2325 , these will also secure your ankle with their straps firm. A slightly more glamorous option would be to bet on gold or silver sandals.

Oxford Shoes:

The Oxford model is synonymous with comfortable shoes. This model, whose use goes back to the nineteenth century, is the winner to achieve a casual or formal but sophisticated look. The Oxford this season are a model in , unmissable in the style of many celebrities. The best thing is that they are not only men’s shoes, but in recent decades they have also been launched for women, with that masculine touch that many of us love. Whether you combine them with pants or skirts, the style will be more girly or masculine, but either way the result will be elegant and fashion .

In Brantano we have options like the JR-9275 and G-7900 for lady, for a more casual and streetwear. Or the JR304 , JR304and JR570 for men, which are modern footwear and ultra comfortable by the material we use.

Tennis And Wobbles:

Of course, when talking about comfortable shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is tennis, and that’s why we can not leave them out. These are not only limited to sports shoes, but lately we have seen them in vibrant colors and striking as an accompaniment in chique outfits. In addition, non-sporting tennis shoes invade stores, such as leather boots, buckles, closures, floral prints for the day or bright for the nights. So do not discard them as an excellent option to wear with skirts or dresses, jeans and leggings, the joke is knowing how to combine them to achieve the perfect outfit.

We have reached the end of this entry, but before we finish, we want to remind you that the most important thing when buying shoes is to choose the ones that feel perfect, since it does not matter that a model has enchanted you, if you are going to suffer At the time of use. In addition, you should opt as far as possible for models made of soft materials such as skin and fit your foot. Do not hesitate to check out the models we suggested earlier, as there is no doubt that thanks to their quality, they are comfortable shoes and will be new members of your wardrobe that you will have for years.