Trend Alert: Oxford Shoes

Throw the first stiletto who hasn’t had the urge to buy an Oxford! Like everything here in Brazil, it took a few seasons for the trend came onto the streets. The same thing happened with the jump half a paw, peep toes, clogs and boots. But one thing is for sure, I think the oxfords are here to stay and take turns with the shoes so dear!

Apparently, the oxfords are more informal shoes as our dear flats, combine very well with the boyfriend skinny jeans and leggings. Look a bit more fun and stylish when combined with t-shirts or if they are of unusual colors like silvery Olivia according to Internetiest.

For the days of heat, the combination with shorts is super trendy, I love this look with color blocking of Blake Lively, very modern! With tailoring and blazer producing is unpretentious and with jeans and leather, rocker and a little dandy. Betting.

I think what else goes with these shoes are the dresses and skirts, Bohemian flair and at the same time Miss moCA as the eternal Herminone, very beautiful! I love the look of the Serena in a Parisian episode of the 4th season of GG, showing you don’t need to put together a flawless look.

And for those who want more sophistication, the oxfords with jump will also be super trend this winter! In Europe are called Francesines, very chic! Carrie Bradshaw, Muse of STC and super trendsetter already bet! I love the models of Olivia Palermo, this Lavender is quite beautiful and goes with everything, and the ounce is more than a trend.

And for those who bought an oxford and looks “in real life”, I’ve posted here on the blog!

I already have mine and I use! Who else has invested?

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