Trends In Accessories For Them Winter 2011-2012

Fashion for men today presents an endless variety of possibilities for all tastes and ages for this reason can be interesting some of the best trends in Accessories for them winter 2011-2012. We conducted a tour for blogs dedicated to fashion for men and choose to display in Project fashion the best trends in fashion for them.

Red – white – black A trio of risky but infallible, color that in the fall of 2011, will to talk about in the form of military jackets, shorts, parkas or swimsuits two piece.

Lila s toneswere the best to combine with grey colours and wide range of nuances, an excellent combination is the proposal making for young people combining a cotton shirt and a jacket quilted in shades of lilac and within attachments to complete this look a wool hat or a neck twisted point.

A winning combination for the winter months is grey, reinforced accessories in warm earth tones. The bet for the next season: Garnet, an infallible classic that combines swimmingly with the Pearl or the marengo

Jackets and velour The touch ‘retro’ season put it crafted in Velvet suits and jackets: from ranges ground until the azulones or jacket with litmus in gold color effect. Padded jackets are trend this season of autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 jacket in black “look” will convince the classics who wish to go a little more modern.

In regards to the shelters, two trends front which allow to choose between shelter from the cold or the freedom of movement: the classical trenca, cut to hip and cross button, is dyed in colors on the proposals or the wrap at the foot of military court, is the diametrically opposite alternative.

The military style boots a strong tendency for this winter are presented in colors Brown and black, high and low shank carrying in addition cords or other details of greater processing and shoes moccasin types classic shoes for man that is always trendy and proposed to them by Ralph Lauren in a very traditional design.

Although the trends for this winter 2011-12 distinguished above all for being very “trendy” and create “looks” that many young people “copied” to your daily outfits, we can say there are successful and interesting mostly although they have perhaps a little forced some combinations that probably not convince the vast majority.