Trends Spring-Summer 2009: Moles Are

Most typically Spanish stamping, the polka dots, become to fashion a season more. The trend for this spring summer 2009 start thanks to Christian Lacroix. The French designer always has the sights set in Spain and leaves are inspired by our land. The hand of Lacroix, stamping, away from archaic and stale folklore, wins in elegance and sobriety. The trick: polka dot black and white.

The Polka dot print I recognize that it is not easy to carry, and is one of those things you love or you hate. To me personally, I’ve always liked, I love the retro style pin-up of the 50s some sweaters or some polka dots skirts. But I know that many with the trends of the moles you think: “I out there do not pass”.

Some famous have already fallen rendered to the charm of moles, as Jennifer Connelly, that he wore a beautiful blouse of large moles that combines with black skirt. Another great lady that has dress polka dot is Demi Moore, also in black and white.

For a more fun style and naif, the shirts of Marni they are a good example of modernized moles.

On the other hand, Angel Schlesser It combines a beautiful dress in black and white with the classic gabardine, a must for the spring rains.