Truth Behind the Sales

By Jorge Rodriguez

Walk through the malls in that annual period occurring twice a year, where you turn to the windows and see those magnificent signs with figures showing percentages high, for many it is the best time to buy, see signs with the word “you Rebajas” makes emotion direct reach into our pockets and we want to buy that item that we both wanted but the economy many times will not allow it.

Behind those signs with percentage and words that cause excitement, there is the background of the stores to be able to finish with the goods remaining in the season, because we must always remember that if businesses in these times are going too fast, in the field of fashion going with a double speed according to financedns.

Stores cannot be allowed leave in stock clothes which will be last fashionable in a matter of days thanks to the arrival of a new season, this is taking the decision to put your merchandise up to 70% discount and to pay it in months without interest, who initially seek is to sell products even without the expected economic gain , but better earning less than let goods in its warehouses last time or return it without having a small economic compensation.

Also we find other great situation of small trades, where the attention us their discounts on showcase and upon entering the store as we seek these rebates we find many last-minute items that have a standard price and we ended up buying, in these cases the store has their profits thanks to the balances and those purchases of last resort This strategy is called a LOSS LEADER, and in recent years has been used with incredible success.

Now put us in the great homes of designers, those brands of luxury that is still difficult to access or give us a whim with some season article, luxury brands not retailers promoted discounts such as other fashion companies, we can justify their lack of access to the sales with something very simple and to be able to set examples that have occurred , the main reason for the lack of big discounts on luxury fashion houses lies in the not wanting bad sell or bad lowering in the colloquial language, which they sell more expensive: his name.

Great designers to undertake great deals to your clothes in its stores, mainly the majority of the people would have the opportunity to acquire what they sell, this makes the brand becomes more affordable, that anyone can carry it and the cost of the company’s name would not be equal, in conclusion would not have the exclusivity for which these brands are considered high standing.

An example of this occurred when the GUCCI House sold to the more numerous licenses so many producers could use their name, was as well as created an infinite number of products with the GUCCI name, which over time this desfavoreció to the company, since the mark ceased to be a unique stamp to become a common and affordable brand until the great designer Tom Ford came to the fashion house and became all in a great brand and return to their origins of high level.

We can also see the other side of fashion, these luxury fashion houses and designers can make sales with not so high percentages, this help that accessibility is not as easy as the fashion retail stores, but will be more sales, and you will see more brand on the streets of big cities, because ultimately a fashion house that search is to publicize its seal and people remember it, or perhaps when they talk about brands as Louis Vuitton does not comes to memory logo to adorn those amazing handcrafted handbags?

In any situation there is always to remember that we must have in mind what you search the brand grow in the consumer, so choose the best strategy in the glorious times of the rebates.

It should be remembered that as the days go by offerings are increasing their percentages of discount, this is to be able to get rid completely of all merchandise, therefore, that if you have the opportunity to wait for you to be able to purchase a garment it must not hesitate to do so, but must know how to discern, since many of these items exist only in one size or designs and unique colors because they are the last remaining of the season.

Now that we know a little of the truths of the rebates, can expect us to that you get these great days to be able to acquire any article that we want but we have not been able to have, but eye! As a tip, is to make a list to buy clothing or accessories that we have been wanting to are in discount, every day we go to the store and not buy more than what we had planned and not fall into such sales LOSS LEADER strategy, and not spend something that we had not planned.