Tube Invierno:Bufanda Trends

Winter trends always include some kind of scarf, wrap or scarf to cover the neck from the cold wind of the season. Sometimes they are practical pieces and others are rather something decorative. The tube scarves they fall into these two categories and is the proposal of this year.

Something like one accessory to your outfit, are also a practice piece that makes that it can complete a sweater or a shirt to cover your neck or to give a touch more fashion to your outfit. Tube scarves come in different materials, textures, patterned or plain, with the most diverse widths and varied colors.

We have a rather falling as a collar to which covers well the neck. They can also be in different ways, either with t-shirts to give you a look rock, with leather jackets completing the style as if it were a jersey or even cocktail dresses giving it a more fun.

The point they are the most diverse, with more open or more closed fabrics, your choose the effect, either full or more relaxed. But the cotton they are more alternatives and it may be the substitute for Palestinian and scarves. The stripes are very popular and safe that will see them on more than one occasion on the street.

Erika Christensen It took one with a little black dress to a party of Dolce & Gabbana and it was great, though I can’t say the same of the Erika peina. Pick your model, there are variety, my favorite is the point blank that covers the entire neck