Type Of Sandals According To Your Foot

Choosing the type of sandals for the periodmore heat is not a task easy. Since many times you find the one you like but it ends up being aruin. So do not worry anymore, this is the yearyou’ll hit the first.

Type Of Sandals According To Your Foot

Today in demodaybelleza we discover the type of sandals that best suit you and we also teach you websites to get you with this shoe without ruining you. It’s time to show off beautiful feetwith the perfect sandals for them! Want to knowwhat is the type of shoes you most favor? Get ready to start!

Type Of Sandals That Suit You The Most

Now the most important thing is to find outwhat kind of sandals there are. Sure that most of you know , but we are convinced that some willsurprise you . Do you want to know what is yours? Well, for that, you’ll have to continue reading a little more J

#1 Stiletto Heel Sandal | Type Of Sandals

This type of sandals is characterized by having a very thin heel. Luckily it is one of the most stylish heels and stands out for its elegance.However, they end up being torture for the feet.So in addition to recommending our tips to notget tired with these types of heels, we give you the keys, so that you choose the correct heightand thus avoid dying in the attempt.

Tip for this type of sandals: The heels of needle, must be at most of 5 cm . From this length, theinstep begins to suffer and will not last more than 2 hours with them. That’s why key bet onheels needle 5 cm as maximum.

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#2 Thick Heel Sandal

This type of sandals are very comfortable, because although the heel is not very elegant, bring stability to walk. That is why, if you are one of those who does not want to get off their 8 cm, this type of sandals, will help you to show the height you want, without dying in the attempt.

#3 Fantasy Sandal|Type Of Sandals

These sandals shine by their absence in the streets. They are typical of walkways and specific events. Maybe that’s why it’s morecomplicated to get them. However, if you want to wear a look of the most different, this type of sandals are perfect for it.

#4 Booted Sandal

This type of sandals are perfect for halftime. They are very seductive and at the same time comfortable. Ideal for a spring wedding.

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# 5 Flat Sandals|Type Of Sandals

These sandals are the most used for yourcomfort. Of course, look carefully at the shapeof your foot, your instep and your ankle, so that you can choose the ones that suit you best.Below we have left you the keys to choose thetype of sandals that fit you the most accordingto your type of foot.

# 6 Jewel Sandals

The sandals of rhinestones , are perfect to give your look, a sophisticated air. But they are notof exclusive use for looks of night. Opting forprecious stones on your sandals flat and add to your day a light touch.

So only you have to keep in mind is that thistype of sandals will attract all the attention to your feet. So as a recommendation is to take thepedicure done.

#7 Wedge Sandals | Type Of Sandals

The sandals of wedge are perfect to getcomfortable with some centimeters of more. We give you a trick when choosing this type of sandals. Normally, the front wedge makes yourfeet look disproportionate to your body. Soavoid this happening to you, buying wedges butwithout front platform.

#8 Sandals With Bracelet Closure

Surely you already know them, since they are the most seen among people. This type of sandalsare perfect for wearing a nice foot. Be careful because they are sandals with which your footwill be practically whole exposed. In addition,sandals with a bracelet closure, are for those with a wide foot. If you have it tight, your foot may not be completely subject and lose balancewhen walking very easily. Avoid stumbling bywearing the right sandals!

#9 Roman Sandals|Type Of Sandals

Do you have this type of sandals? They have become very fashionable and they feel reallyphenomenal to all types of feet. But if you want to look taller, this type of sandals are not yours.We explained the why in the post about strappy sandals.

#10 Sandals open from behind

These are the typical sandals/shoes that are used for office in summer. They allow you to carry the released foot, but with discretion.

What Kind Of Sandals Will Suit You Best?

Type of sandals for big feet

If your foot number is greater than size 39 , you will favor more sandals with horizontal strips (if they are wider better). Why? Because with thestrips, your foot will appear narrower and visually shorten the length of your foot. Try it, you will see how your foot looks different!

Thick Foot Sandal Type

If this is your case, forget the sandals with yourbare foot. Get yourself in Roman sandals, or even closed sandals like the rumored sandals .This type of sandals will make your feet look more fine and so will prevent compress yourankle if you have retention of liquids or you often swollen feet.

Type Of Sandals For Short Foot

The flat sandals and those who leave the foot todiscovered are those that lengthen the foot. So if you want your feet look more long to beproportional to your body, this type of sandalsopen are yours. It seems like a simple trick, but it really works. You will see!

Type Of Sandal For Thin Feet

If you have a thin foot, you probably have a lot of trouble finding sandals that will hold your foot. That is why it is advisable to bet on those that hold your foot with extra strips, and thus avoid losing your balance when walking. Also remember that the strips favor your foot byvisually widening it and making itproportionate. Come and try it!

I hope you liked the post today on the type of sandal that more you favors. You know thataccording to your type of foot, now you can getthe most out of using the sandal that is right for you. It is time to walk stepping. Thank you very much for choosing us.