Types Of Bikinis That Better Feel You According To Your Body!

Prints, colors and shapes of bikinis and swimsuits influence in how our silhouette looks, so we give you a few tips to take the best advantage of your body and enhance your figure with bikinis that better feel you according to your body.

Big breast:

You need a party above having a good subject. Go for the Bikini with rings which hold well the chest and wide straps. Avoid prints fattening as horizontal stripes, very striking designs and decorations. Dare with plain since they Stylize your figure colors, as for example the black, dark blue or chocolate.

Medium chest:

You have a wide variety of possibilities, so you opt for the more you like it. If you have the firm chestand want to enhance it to go for a bandeau with foam (strapless with sponge that gives shape to the Cup) round the chest and provides a very sensual neckline. You can opt to carry straps tied around the neck, is elegant and sophisticated, you can also tie to the back and be mode word of honor to avoid marks.

If you don’t like the filling you can choose by a bandeau without filling, to catch is to the neck to raise the chest and give a natural and seductive. While filling blocks that I will mark the nipple. Or the classic that never fails, bikini curtain (triangle) that allows you to look over your cleavage.

Small chest:

To enhance a small chest, I recommend that you use colors live, patterns: floral, polka dots and horizontal stripes, with big and bold designs. If in addition carry some motif as: bows, Ruffles, flowers will appear to have more chest. In bathroom there are also the push-up. The pattern is ideal if your intention is to enhance and highlight your chest. Prevents: bikinis triangle without filling, and the attached to the neck, since they crushed chest.

If you want to hide back, regardless of the size of your breast, choose better by the straps tied around the neck, or v-neck, well highlight the neckline.

Wide hips:

Styling the wide hips and buttocks copious flees embellishments, colors clear or bright, and ties to the side straps. It is better to choose one bottom of cut leg high be bandwidth broadband and rest on the hips. You be right with smooth and dark colors that lengthen your figure. You can alsoHighlight top with a printed top and bottom conceals a discrete braga.

Narrow hip:

If you have a few small buttocks and hips, give them more prominence with some embellishment: as the side ties, drawings, washers or horizontal stripes. Panties should be more well small , and if your legs are short choose panties of carve high will make that they seem much longer.


If you want to hide the belly you can do so using a high-waisted panties either a swimsuit with V-neckline that enhance and redirect the attention towards your neckline. You be right with smooth, dark colors or vertical stripes, also bet on a draped suit that conceals and favors.

I hope you have got your bikini and that this summer you feel you’re the most beautiful beach! Enjoy shopping in HOMEAGERLY!