Updating Skjortgarderoben

The subject has been treated before. Both the mathematical equations and more stylistic approachas a solution to the perfect black closet. And for the new year, I am convinced that many of us are thinking about how black closet should be boosted. What parts need to be updated and what is it that is missing?

A good tip is to divide skjortgarderoben in three different parts; work, leisure and celebration. For the sports checkered flannel shirts around the clock, this will never be a problem, but for the rest of us, this is a great way to create a little overview. For the job are ten shirts a good starting point to be able to diversify and avoid unnecessary wear much on the shirts. Color and pattern wise, it is important to invest in a basic dressing one’s face and work together with the rest of the closet. Switch monochrome, checked and striped shirts to more easily combine with today’s outfit. Since it is good to add two-three shirts for parties (primarily as white) and 4-5 casual shirts to wear at leisure.

Now this is obviously no rules set in stone, but some are exclusively white suit shirts while others constantly use the light blue button-down shirts. The point is rather that a successful skjortgarderob cover all possible occasions.

One aspect that has not been addressed before is the quality of the shirts. For the simple truth is that it is very difficult to have too many shirts. However, you can have too many mediocre shirts. Instead of bulk jump shirts from sports wholesale half shitty fit is my foremost afford to think long term. Many people choose to invest in some simple standard shirts to work, which easily fail. For they are the shirts that frequently used where quality stands out.

I do not think we will ever experience Eureka feeling of black closet is complete. Some Accumulate 500 shirts (probably all from Barba, Borrelli and Truzzi). Others are content with their principled narrow skjortgarderob. Whichever it is not quantity or number that matters without feeling. The well tested a well-fitting shirt of high quality will never want to switch down. Never mind that it takes five to six years to build up a good black bass. In the end it is the short-term purchases you regret.