ÚRsula Corberó Teaches Us the Bikinis More Fun to Calzedonia

Úrsula Corberó is the new girl Calzedonia as Ambassador of the new capsule collection #CLZ formed by more youthful bikinis. I feel with her in Verona (Italy), in a fascinating space surrounded by the entire summer 2015 of the signature collection. The actress is experiencing its best moment, personal and professional, says it, but also note in their bright eyes and his permanent smile.

The actress is experiencing its best moment. Life smiling. Not for work: it is the image of the firm that occupies us, Maybelline beauty brand, today premiered the television anchored series, and recently we’ve seen on the big screen with the success losing North or how to survive a bridal shower. In the personal realm, she is seen happy next to the model Andrés Velencoso according to Physicscat.com.

Yes, I could say that I am at my best, strange too, because I think all great going me. The same within a year I’m even better, but until now Yes. I’m at a stage in which I realize more things, for better and for worse. When he was 18 years old lived the way things more ephemeral, more passenger… always with young spirit.

We talk to Calzedonia Ursula, of their favorite piece swimwear, their Beauty Secrets and from the summer collection your store. It makes me very excited Calzedonia has told me, I am a client of since I was a teenager. Apart I feel very identified with the brand. I am convinced that there is a bathing suit for every body and personality, and I like that. In my case, I prefer the pieces of a single color to mix with different bikinis.

I’m very basic. A black bikini crazy me

The collection #CLZ is created for girls addicted to social networks, Hence its name with hastag. Fun, enticing bikinis in bold colours and juvenile prints, available in different versions: push up, bandeau, slip and Brazilian. Ursula adds that he loves the variety of bikinis that has the signature: “not only prints, also colors, styles and cups. Bikinis for all bodies are made and that it is very interesting”.

The protagonists of this capsule collection are models with flower and fruit prints, that the actress how survive a farewell or losing the North, shows us a trip surrounded by beautiful beaches. Although Ursula prefer them plain: “I’m very basic. A black bikini makes me crazy. My favorite swimsuit is undoubtedly the bikini. I usually bet on black as you have said and also white, fluorine and some print. “I have a couple of very basic years (laughs), I suppose that you there are times for everything and also I feel very comfortable”.

The actress also talks of his Beauty Secrets to be so beautiful and with this enviable body: “eat healthy, as much as people do not believe it is because I am very skinny. I do sport: fitness, pilates and dance, at some times more than others because I can not always well reconcile with work. And I care enough. I love the world you cremate”.

I love a potingue I love!

“In my day to day I no makeup me, the only thing that I’ve always been volumized and a bit of concealer. My Basic are serum, I use one from a doctor in New York, and moisturizer in the morning. And fundamental! I desmaquillo always thoroughly, first the eyes and then the rest of the face with a foam. At night I also use night cream. “The same thing I do with the hair and body, I love a potingue I love you!”

And continues telling us that you do not like jewels: there are people who love jewelry and not call me nothing. I’ve always been the same and do not stop to tell me to change a little but the truth can not imagine that being a famous person can not repeat outfit. I think that if you feel comfortable and you identify with them, it seems up to Nice.

“I feel very comfortable in the world of fashion.” Always liked me because from very small I’ve been familiar with it”. In fact the actress has a fashion store in Madrid, World Family Ibiza (Calle de Claudio Coello, 81), where you can find items of different brands “for a free woman and so go comfortable.” “It is not a sophisticated collection but is loaded with proposals of trend: fringes, overalls, boots, broken white, bright colors, jackets denim with ornaments… .estilo aires hippies and 70s boho”.