Value Popovers From Shirtonomy

Popover shirt really has exploded in popularity in recent seasons, and today we want to tell about an affordable option. It is Swedish sports now Shirtonomy that focus on dimensions sewn online at affordable price to launch their own interpretation of the garment.

Perhaps we should first look at what popover shirt really is the type of garment.

It shares many aspects of the long-sleeved polo shirt and unlike ordinary shirts a closure extending to the chest. What separates popovern from polo shirt two things:

  1. The shirt popover usually have a classic shirt collar found on traditional shirts.
  2. The shirt popover produced unlike polo shirt (which is a specific knitted technologies) in amounts of materials such as linen, cotton, flannel, etc.

What makes popovern especially interesting for us at Manolo is its versatility and cross-application area for the summer. The white linen suits perfectly to swimming trunks on the beach, but also excellent for cotton suit for dinner in the evening. This applies to linen shirts in general but buttoned detail makes it slightly more interesting and relaxed.

We have looked closely at Shirtonomys popover that, due to its focus on tailoring measurements are available in all of their fabric qualities, collars and of course your measurements. The price is the company’s other shirts at between 800-900 crowns.

Shirtonomy has also launched a range of new fabrics in its range that one can choose from. This concerns mainly seasonal fabrics for spring / summer but also some pleasant autumn.