Vintage and Nostalgic: Passion for Fashion Paola Agullo

If you’re a lover of vintage by conviction or fashion clothing, Vintage and Nostalgic name sure is part of your vocabulary. The first store created in 1998 was inspired by the green movement and recycling of the coast East and West United States. The second open in 2010 aims to provide you with cutting-edge fashion at low prices. But who is the creator of tanta wonder? Paola Agullo, a businesswoman in the fashion, which sees in the vintage a vocation for life. We invite you to learn about their motivations.

The wires of Vintage and Nostalgic

“The wires are changing at great prices, fast and avant-garde fashion. Shop concepts are do purchase an instance of pleasure, accompanied by a cool, nice place and with great style and good lighting”.

The criteria used to select the Nostalgic and Vintage Clothing

“Clothing stores Nostalgic are chosen through parameters of fashion, design, styles of times and what is in vogue in every season.” We have a line of recycling for some products. Stores all Vintage new clothing is designed and developed by us for our audience”.

How Nostalgic and Vintage are responsible ethical and responsible consumption

“The ethical and responsible consumption goes on buy side affecting the environment as little as possible. Nostalgic complies with that 100% since everything is clothing that we have recycled. “Vintage as it is a new clothing store, appeals to the above charging fair prices for each product”.

The motivations behind the digital identity of Nostalgic

“The motivation part by a relationship real, direct, and the day to day with our customers. We are not static and we are changing, bringing news, new products, revival every week and it is the best way to communicate this and know what you think. “In addition to show how combining clothes, show trends, interviews, streetooks and everything seems to be good”.

The future of Vintage and Nostalgic

“Would love to achieve to become strong future brands and to cover different areas: radio, television, tourist agency.” Give our point of view and looks for different areas. In addition to the commitment to future living in regions and sell online”.