Vintage Hats and Caps For An Autumn of Great Events

In The Vintage Mannequin we do not let ourselves be surprised by the temperature changes .That is why we have taken steps to make your autumn more comfortable.One of them are the hats and caps that Silvia has selected for you, accessories that you will fall in love with and that, like the rest of the clothes on the Sant Sever street, represent the best fashion from other times.

We started with two wool caps from the 1950s.The first, of a warm red, highlights by the buckle, a small touch that gives distinction;The second, green and more casual, is designed for any situation and scenario.

Those who miss the summer have at your disposal the next cotton cap, with stripes of sea.

We do not move from the fifties. The one in the photograph corresponds to a velvet cap, fantastic for your pickups.

The following hats and vintage caps are made of silk velvet.Soft and refined, some of them stand out for their versatility, fitting equally well at different times of the day and in all those circumstances where good taste makes a difference.

And then two good examples of silk velvet caps ideal for the evenings and glamorous nights.

And if you attend an even more special event, Silvia recommends the following headgear, of the same material as the previous one.

Already with the winter in mind, we would decant for the mink. The one that we present you in the following photo has half a century of history and is especially useful for collections.

We are leaving the most striking pieces for the end of this selection of vintage hats and caps, such as the next synthetic leopard hat of the seventies. A garment designed to house and accompany more daring looks.

And we close with three beautiful examples of raffia. The first, of the sixties, adapts easily to daily use. Although summery, you can still give him many opportunities throughout this October before he returns to the closet.

The next is a show that comes straight from the 50’s and combines raffia and feathers with a distinguished veil.

And another example of a unique piece is the latest hat in the series, Balenciaga style, very bright, designed for daytime use.The star of this selection.

And so far the vintage hat and cap set we’ve assembled for this fall / winter bases on What do you think? Remember that all are available in the store in Sant Sever. If you look fantastic in the picture, imagine the real one.