Vintage T-Shirts

The vintage t- shirts are always shirts with the idols of always, shirts with much history that hit hard this summer.

Music, cinema and sport have fed us a long list of idols and icons with a lot of history.The graphics with these protagonists are no longer just designs, they are images that are part of the popular imagination, being adored in posters, comics, magazines, decorative objects…

In addition to the design, vintage t-shirts have a very particular style.They are usually attached to the body and can be combined with all kinds of retro clothing.

Genuinely American style of the 50’s in t-shirts in a renewed style that both modernillos, hipsters and even gothic and new age.

The university style vintage is a classic already in personalized t-shirts that thanks to the retro typographies and the shields have that touch so chic.Create a look at Lolita!It’s charming.

Create a unique vintage graphic and print it on your personalized t-shirt. You will see that from an idea of ​​a magazine from the 30s or 50s you can create a unique result.

Personalized Punk T-Shirt

The style of vintage t-shirts influences and strikes strong in the great geniuses of fashion and in the street.Most urban tribes use custom t-shirts with vintage inspired graphics.

They want to show their identity and they do it with the most popular cultural icons.

The world of fashion, on the other hand, constantly needs novelties, new icons or to remember the existing ones: Mickey Mouse, the American Captain, the Donald Duck…Up to the top!

Thus the windows are filled with icons of the world of comics, the fighters of good versus evil, the nice and idolized superheroes that we all like so much.

Custom vintage t- shirts are a fashion idea, combining jeans, skirts, trousers of all kinds.A fun item to surprise this spring.Look for the vintage style you like best, print it on your shirt!Create your own vintage style.