Vintage Visiting FLO

It’s been even longer: in our little honeymoon in Vienna, of course, some vintage shops were among the typical sights on the list. So I’ve researched something on the Internet before. With as the first result, I came across “FLO vintage” the small shops. Located in the vicinity of the Naschmarkt market, the visit was connected to the later also just.

Saturated that one were submitted by many lick clean to try from left to right, we were on the search to the vintage shop. We were received by the owner and her husband. Overwhelmed by so many original parts, I had to browse only times diligently. Soon we got to talking, which told us how and where I would find what with Mr. Raab.

The Story Behind It

1978 opened Ingrid Raab their first shop for nostalgic fashion, inspired by their former work at ORF, where she could make some posts on the subject of fashion. S0 dipped it in the world of the selected boutiques in Paris and Milan. While it remains always the principle:

“Antiques With Seams”

faithful and distancing themselves from various thrift stores.

It recognizes this fact, that already emissaries of Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld u.v.m here took inspiration.

Clothing from the years 1880-1980 a make it easy to find, so that was something first dress was quickly found and so I disappeared behind the screen with Ms. Raab. Helping hands are welcome at some dresses, with the experience of the owner, so some confusion dissipated, as I should come out in the one or other garment into it – but again. Almost none of the pieces is provided, with a typical sizes label, because it is almost exclusively to clothes that “were sewn at that time directly on the body”. In the well-heeled women, it was then customary to have a personal tailor.It so happens also that many clothes extra fabric inside was sewn in to, so that it could later release this for weight gain.

I decided a typical Marilyn Monroe between 3 dresses, dress, a short-sleeved dress with Bell sleeves and the Brocade dress, which ultimately happened.

Sustainable Fashion

You should spend time in the store, because you have really to try each piece to see if it fits. In my case, my dress like a glove has changed. With gimmicks and tips the owner to the page is a.(So I was the first time they wear at home only with horror that the dress doesn’t fit me!) The zipper was not to and I was frustrated. Until I realized that I has the front must open all the buttons before the side zipper can be closed.)

Priced the garments and accessories are located completely within the framework. But one should be aware that are pieces of clothing which 50 years and older, are simply more expensive.It pays the treatment and the State, the story behind it. I’m a bekanntlicher fan of the so-called “slow fashion”. I believe my own nose and even know that I wear many clothes from the large well-known chains, but I give my this to dampen a best. Prefer slightly longer save and afford a piece of jewelry.

“If you buy cheap, buy 2 times” right now unfortunately it often.

The clothes last longer, because at that time, high quality materials were used and mostly by hand sewed. This needs of course also special care, so I can give my new dress only in the cleaning or wash it gently with baby shampoo. But it’s well worth it!

Looking for a long time, to find such cute little shops in the world. Often (in Vienna), one unfortunately encounters shops where you can find garment with vintage style.

Still quite warm at this point greetings to Vienna hot wife, and Mr Raab for love welcome.

Who is so in Vienna, necessarily should look at the love pair of owners and worth if it is only for a Pläuschchen, it does in any case!