Virtual Shop That Manages the Sale of Your Closet

We are all, in one way or another, accumulators of clothes. Indeed, there are studies that indicate that about 40% of our closet is never used. However, we are still buying and projecting their growth. On this evidence, the Chilean Carolina Vera, saw an opportunity. She was convinced that there was the need to free up space in the closet of quickly and effectively, but that people did not have the time and nor the desire to do so. This motivated her to create Vintage Bazaar, a store virtual offering you sell your clothes without making a greater effort. Today will tell us what it is about this interesting initiative with fundamentals eco and responsible consumption.
The process of collecting and sorting

“Our service has two modes of delivery of products:”
1) we will pick up the products to the place that we indicate, if it is that it is in our radio coverage (communes Las Condes, Vitacura, Lo Barnechea, Providence and the Queen), previous coordination with the seller.
2) delivery or shipment of the products at our office located in the commune of Lo Barnechea.
We make a careful selection of products based on criteria such as State, level of use, brand and quality, among others. On the website ‘your clothes for sale’ section there is a guide for sellers”.

What a difference a Vintage Bazaar of the other used clothing sales platforms that exist today

“Bazaar Vintage gives sellers a full-service sales management, which considers photographic production, publication, sale, shipment and post sale, and in addition the possibility of freeing up immediately, since we manage the stock of products.” Therefore our sellers earn extra money and space in your closet in a very easy and comfortable way.

Para buyers offer an online platform format tienda-boutique, which allows to display the products in a standardized manner, and can see them in detail thanks to the built-in zoom. We deliver guaranteed selection, webpay and shipping nationwide”.

How much of vintage can be found in Vintage Bazaar

“We get some ‘vintage’, than products are little treasures, which are generally sold quickly. ”
Vintage bazaar offers products of woman, child and man, who classified in the following way:
– Lovely Used & used: with various applications, but without specks, spots or holes
– Pre-owned & impeccable: with 1 or 2 uses, such as new, where hardly noticeable use.
– Never Used & new: are new, but unlabeled.
– ” New & with label: are new with original tag”.

What is needed to make a transition towards a more responsible consumption of fashion according to Vintage Bazaar

“It is necessary that manufacturers and consumers take awareness and a real commitment. In this regard, manufacturers have the great challenge of decreasing the production of fast fashion and return to offer slow fashion, communicating its benefits and making it affordable so that consumers can see its appeal.
Vintage Bazaar is based on 3 pillars:
1) contribute to the reduction of carbon footprint, through the promotion of reuse and increase the lifecycle of each garment.
2) social support through donations of non-selected products or not sold within a few months and partnerships with foundations.
3) educate our followers and customers, through communication of contents of image consulting, through our website and RDS”.

The future of Vintage Bazaar

“We are working intensively on several projects to become better and more comfortable alternative for buying and selling of reused garments. In addition to continue creating instances to raise awareness of the importance of reuse and recycle, always with style”.