Wallets Louis Vuitton 2016

High guarantee quality and timeless class, LV attention to detail even a thick object mistreated as your wallet. Precious materials, unique details and unmistakable pattern, these are the characteristics that have always made ​​Louis Vuitton a beloved brand.

And various shapes and colors, to suit all tastes, all demanding when it comes to LV. Rightly so, given the prices certainly not for everyone, but the quality of each piece is undoubted. When you buy a wallet Louis Vuitton, you buy a protagonist of fashion history!

We find the whole collection portfolios LV 2016, with photos, details and prices!


Start from those who are technically defined ‘organizer’. The model ‘Clemence’ is the iconic pattern in Monogram canvas, the interior is pink with a central hinge dividing the two compartments. The main zipper is golden, with a pink bow in decoration (360 euro).

The Monogram canvas is certainly not the only choice. The same model is also available in Damier Ebène canvas, Damier Azur canvas, leather Monogram Vernis, Epi Leather & Leather Monogram Empreinte.

There are other models of organizer. Those with more classic allure, as the model Zippy declined in many patterns and materials, but all iconic and classic, to the most unusual, young and colorful. This is the case of ‘online Unusual’, which we find also in Monogram Multicolor canvas (605 €). Manicured into details, these portfolios really satisfied everyone.

No shortage of prints more special, the ones that we would not expect from LV. This is the case of Zippy model that shows an owl on one of the faces of the portfolio (EUR 750).

There is also a version with an exotic bird, colorful and chic. Zippy is a model that has many versions, including the Monogram canvas Bay, with the chains rose to enrich the pattern (615 euro).


Louis Vuitton is never equal even to himself, so here is that the Monogram canvas is enhanced by colorful contrasts that make it even more unique. The details of the portfolios LV 2016 ‘Adele’ are in two shades (fuchsia and coral) and have a starring role.

The two outer zipper pulls the skin and the internal total portfolio are indeed colorful, and double zipper makes secure and recognizable pattern. We also find a button closure pressure and its compact and minimalist design makes it perfect as a mini clutch (380 €).

Portfolio that can become clutch, therefore, but also organizer, object multifunctional and adaptable to everyday needs. Here are other models in the MF 2016: modern yet unmistakably Vuitton!

The more functional? The model Organizer Daily (€800, the latest model in the photo), in Monogram canvas decorated with colorful details, both lateral and at the top. This model resembles a mini suitcase, so it can also contain the smartphone.


Now we come to the more classic clutch model. The model Sarah has well 16 compartments for cards and card, it is available in pink poppy. The material is calfskin embossed with the monogram of the French house (625 euro) and is also available in blue, cherry, ivory, black and red grapes.

Sarah calf leather is not the only option for this model: in fact we find other 6 different patterns!

Really so many LV portfolio models, all of course of great value. The monogram pattern stands out, as it should be, regardless of the material. Canvas or leather, the typical pattern Vuitton is the most appreciated. Do not miss the bright tones and cheerful, perfect for the summer, like fuchsia and red, but also colors like bright blue, more discreet but always bright.

2016 is a plethora of details for LV! By colored buttons and clearly visible to the model in the paint with monogram stripes. Models with colorful monogram pattern are available in white and black.

Many portfolio models Louis Vuitton handbags are inspired by the iconic fashion house. It is also the case of Lockme II as the namesake handbag (750 €). The casual chic design is certainly not lost, this portfolio is almost a functional clutch and unique! Available in the vanille noir tones, pink poppy and classic black, this model is made ​​of calf leather.


In addition to the clutch models, we also have mini to cater for the minimalist! The model Joey in Damier Azur canvas is undoubtedly the spring, thanks to the light colors and the golden and important closure (565 €), but Louis Vuitton knows how loved all his pattern, then we also find canvas and Damier Ebène in Epi leather.

The other mini portfolios meet all the typical characteristics of LV, because Mini does not become less! Forms contained but same quality, both for the materials for the cured colors and unique details.


The perfect fusion between a portfolio and a clutch is found in models with chain. For these models, the French fashion house offers a style more rock chic , but always in full respect dell’allure typical of the brand.

The models Twist Chain are perfect for a light evening look, but nothing prevents combine them with outfits by rigorous day with these portfolios to act as a reference piece. The skin is the reference material (cow, calf and hammered epi leather), the brand name is visible in the closure, where soar the LV initials in silver metal.

The chains are metal silver also, with a leather pad for improved comfort. The model with themonogram chain is available both black and pink (1,250 euro), the model with the exotic birds is deep yellow (1,250 €). The most special is that with the owl, recreated with a pattern of colored stones (1,400 €).


You can buy LV wallets directly on the house site at www.louisvuitton.com well as in boutiques authorized by the brand, present in the main Italian cities.

unique and functional wallets those of LV for 2016: what is your favorite? Leave a comment!