We Are Still in August and These Boots Now Everybody Wants Them! Gucci “Hits The Pitch”

And never better said because these boots you are going to want to run, walk and give up to the pitch of your dreams. Despite the heat and the beach trends do not feel temperature and arrive unannounced and everything points to Gucci to become the King of asphalt this fall and winter and the truth is that with reason, long time not seen so beautiful boots!

I have to admit that not often like a lot boots, to find any nice can spend long looking for because I think that it should not be an easy job creating a balanced boot. By bringing so much skin always is a risk that is not how pretty we wanted to stay but it seems that Frida Giannini (Creative Director of the firm) you have found all the elements to create the perfect boot for this fall and winter.

It has the unmistakable in Italian with the metal buckles details but also the lightness of an architectural style for the balance that exist in all the boot. In the parade of Gucci This fall were the authentic protagonist and everything tells me the streets also will have an important role.

Like all firms, when they believe they have found a perfect element start to create different models of this same boot. We can find it in three different cane heights and also all of them with heels or without heels and in a multitude of different materials such as patent leather, Python or the napa so there will be one for each person because of the wide variety. The price ranges between the 795 and 2,600 euros Depending on the finish you choose. What do you think about these boots?

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