We Give Them an Opportunity to Backpack?

The world of bags is becoming more diverse, and although the clutches and cross handbags remain the Kings, there are models that can be more practical at the time of take all the things that we carry every day. One of them is the Backpack every day gaining more followers.

And it is that although the shoppers are a good choice, if you load it throughout the day with much weight at the end can hurt you arm. Another reason why betting on the backpack? Casual and sporty style that baby in the fashion world these last few seasons make it complement star.

  • Large suede fringed color backpack sand 46,48 euros.
  • Detail of Warehouse 53,52 satchel backpack euros.
  • Backpack New Look effect leather in silver tone metalized 28,15 euros.
  • Black backpack with strap, zipper and metallic detail 49,29 euros.

Photo | Thechroniclesofher

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