Wedding Dresses: Fashion of Copyright to the Rescue

Find a wedding dress should be one of the most stressful tasks of life. Style, materials, to what price are doubts that can force us to kilometers or look at hundreds of websites. In my case – I’ll change my marital status soon – chose not to complicate me and wear a dress without the surname “bride”. However, is that, for many, that option is no option. Therefore, I decided to help them and go to their rescue from the hand of the author fashion.

Does the bride white and radiant? Wedding do white?

While many brides aspire to walk under the wing of “white and radiant” dresses, there are others that put aside tradition and joined the trend of being a girlfriend of color. The designer Vera Wang is the Queen of this current. Its red, Orange, Brown and black dresses have impacted on the catwalk and have tempting many brides to wear similar models or add details of color to their dresses.

In the case of the author fashion, most of the proposals of wedding dresses, lean toward the white and ivory. While others make it by nude or moderate applications of color. Very few dare with a wider chromatic range, because the market of Latin brides is still very traditional.

In terms of shapes and textures, there is a preponderance of the strapless, Mermaid, much flown, brocades, embroidery and Chiffons. Although several lean toward classical models, there is a tendency for dresses vintage style that recall the first decades of the 20th century. There are some who have chosen to close to the hippie chic dresses.

Ultimately, most of the brands of author are very flexible to time to consider its proposal, since they want to enchant a large segment whose common thread is “bride to be”.

But these are not the only alternatives. There are also complete brides advisory services, where the process of creation of the dress is included. An example of this is the work that makes the designer and make-up artist Ángeles Tormo with its eponymous brand of brides.

In the same line we find Beautiful Blanca María José Villegas and Francisca Troncoso personalised advice not only to design the wedding dress, but also to build the complete outfit for that day.

Wedding accessories? fascinators, headbands?

In Stgo dresses I bought a headband – headband – beautiful’s girlfriend, who then I lost, but that was undoubtedly going to transform my style of “no girlfriend” to “close girlfriend”. Do this, because as in urban fashion, accessories, bride in this case, can make a difference.
In recent times there has been a resurgence of the Classic bridal headpieces and fascinators, which emulates the elegance of the early 20th century. In addition to once again close to the hippie chic or more modern alternatives.
In the fashion of author highlight beautiful work of Clara Edwards and his Santa Clara. She was the creator of my “missing” headband and other beautiful fashion accessories for brides.

In my search I also discovered the work of Alejandra Sánchez, who along with fascinators and headbands of various materials and styles (I would say that you there is something for everyone), also made sleeves, shoulder straps and belts for brides, which can give the different from a traditional wedding dress.

Which option do you tilt? would a white or coloured dress you like? You optarías by headgear or headbands?