Wedding Traditions – Traditions Associated With The Wedding

You choose if you want to use the wedding traditions, which have followed the many married couples over many years. The question is whether we are superstitious or if you just think it’s funny and sweet to have wedding traditions as a post in one’s wedding. It is not at all certain that it is something you will have to your wedding, but you should probably count on some of your guests will address some of them, if not you have made them aware that this is not desired.

Wedding Traditions – Traditions Associated With The Wedding



Wedding traditions as saying: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, you have probably heard about with the English expression: something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.


The meaning of this proverb to bring happiness to the bride in her marriage, if she is well and brand carries all four objects on her wedding day … and who will not have a happy marriage?


Something old represents the past, said by wikipedia. This can be a hereditary jewelry bride have borrowed/received by her mother or anything else old of importance. However, it should be small, since it must be able to be worn by the bride. Something new must bring the bride hopes and optimism in her new life. What is new is usually the bride’s dress.


Something borrowed handed of a friend or family member who is happily married. Happiness from the friend/relative’s marriage will rub off on the bride’s marriage, then it will be just as happy. This also means that the bride can always count on these people will support her. The blue color represents purity and the bride’s blue color fidelity and often sit in Garter.


Tradition also puts a coin in the bride’s shoes, as must give richness to the bridal couple. You can also put it in a small bag and sew it onto the Garter or in the hem of the dress, as it can be hard to leak around a whole day with such a in the shoe. It is completely impossible, especially if you do not have a closed shoe on. The coin should preferably be of copper, possibly. a 50 dime, since copper was supposed to be auspicious.


Other wedding traditions


In the old days you had wedding traditions, where the bride’s father gave the bride away to her future husband. Then the bride’s father also had more to say and certain as to who could get married with his daughter. The one who would marry his daughter had to go through him first, to get his blessing. Today we quite even determines who we think is the right thing for us, and marries us out from this. Many brides still choose to let their father follow them to communion, while the groom stands up and waits at the altar. Some married couples choose to follow up the aisle, while other brides choose to go alone or be brought up by a family member or good friend. Today we can do that we think best fits one’s wedding. Wedding traditions as this has become a little more watered down over the years.


The night before the wedding


The bride and groom must not sleeping together the night before the wedding. This will give the accident according to the old saying. Some married couples still maintains these wedding traditions, but more choose to ignore them, as they often have children who they choose to stay at home and have a nice evening with, in the morning before it goes loose with the wedding, refered by wholesaleably.


Wedding traditions wedding dress


The groom must not see bridal gown before the wedding, this means bad luck in marriage. So it’s a good idea to store it well out of the way, until he sees you in the Church. The bride must not sew her own wedding dress, proved by For each a sting she has sewn into the dress, just as many tears she’ll trap in marriage.


Rice roll


When the bridal couple coming out from the church wedding guests often throw rice. In the old days was the rice a symbol for fertility, or on new life. Today it means not a desire that leads many children, but we wanted a good future.

However, I would not recommend rice, since I have heard that it is not good for the birds ‘ stomachs. If you want seeds, use birdseed, but rinse them in and let them dry, as they well may scatter some of the groom’s clothing. You can also use rose petals, hjerteris (which is a sugar mixture) who goes to pieces when you step on them. You can also use confetti, which dissolve in water, so they are not lies and takes shots at the ground.


The sweet kisses


When the groom or the bride leaving her place at the table for dinner, there is a wedding tradition that either the male or female customers go up and kiss the Bride/Groom, respectively, on the cheek.


There are other wedding traditions, such as when customers are knocking on dishes/glasses, then newly weds up on their chairs and give each other a kiss. Trampling guests in the floor, the wedding couple under the table and give each other a kiss.


If you are at the Inn, Castle or Manor House and do not want customers to come to destroy the dishes/glasses, so you can buy some small bells they can call with.


Wedding bouquet


Wedding bouquet are bought by the groom as he gets delivered to the bride. It is the groom, who determines the bouquet the bride must have. If he is in doubt he should choose, what flowers and colors, so he must ask his future mother-in-law for advice.


Wedding bouquet can be selected to be thrown to the unmarried female guests, when the bride and groom leave the party. The one who grabs the, will be the next to get married.


You can also choose to put the bouquet at a relative’s burial place, as this would give happiness.


Do not put the bridal bouquet in water, as it will mean that you get a short marriage. If one of the flowers in the bridal bouquet dies before the bride comes out of the Church means the accident.




Groom takes the Garter as the bride have on by, as proof that she is taken. Then he throws it out among the male singles. It will bring luck to the person who grabs the Garter.


Bumpy ride


Bumpy ride to be danced before the clock strikes 24. If it is not reached, then it means the accident. You choose if you want to learn bridal all WINS run from step, it depends on how perfect you will have your first dance as husband and wife will be. If you want the right bridal Waltz, so shall ye look for Nils W Street, folklore. But there is, of course, nobody says, ye shall choose the. If you have a song that has meaning for you, so use it.


Bridal Veil


Bridal Veil torn after bumpy ride. It shows that the bride goes from being a girl to a woman who has gone into a marriage. The man gets clipped his socks or his tie, which shows that he is not on courting more – he is officially off the market.


The wedding cake


The wedding cake to be cut by the bride and groom together. The groom put his hand over the bride’s, when cut into the cake. Then they taste a piece each. All guests must have a piece of the wedding cake. The upper part of the wedding cake frozen and eaten at 1 year wedding anniversary.


Myrtle leaf


Myrtle leaf stands for virginity and chastity. Some brides choose to have them in their bridal bouquet, others choose to have them put on the bride’s veil. Wedding traditions like this are very lovely, but it’s probably the least today, which will be married as a Virgin, but this does not, of course, that these wedding traditions are not worth holding on to.


Bride’s shoes


Bride’s shoes also have a part superstition with it. It is said that the bride should not get her shoes given by her future husband, since it will mean that she will run from him. The bride may borrow its platform from the others, or she may choose to use some of his old shoes. Choose the bride to buy its Bridal Shoes, so must be cared for well on them. They go to pieces, it would mean that the same will happen to the marriage.


Wedding car


When the bridal couple running away in the wedding car is often adorned with the sign, shaving cream or Lipstick with Scripture “newlyweds”. It helps to draw attention to the newly weds. It could, according to old superstition also attract evil demons. In order to keep the demons away, it is important to tie cans or other things that delivers sound from it, stuck on the car. Noise from the cans to frighten the evil demons away.

In addition, it is also possible to bind an old right shoes stuck to the car, as this gives happiness.




Groom should wear his bride over the threshold, where the newly weds to sleep after the wedding. This is where the distinction between the old and new lives are. By wearing the bride over threshold, will ensure that she does not enter down on boundary dangerous place. If the bride and groom do not do this, the demons from the past follow into their new life.


The woman goes on her knees


A woman can indeed go on your knees and ask who she loves, whether he will marry her. Every leap year, which falls every 4 years, there is a tradition that women have the opportunity to go on his knees. Shot this year is the year in which there are 29 days in February. But it is not the day you must choose to go on your knees, it’s the 24. February. If it is so unfortunate that the man says no (maybe because he himself will ask), so he must give her 12 pairs of gloves in penance for giving her a refusal. Nowadays one can, however, choose to do as you will. The tradition is cute and funny, which goes a long way back year 1288 But in our days there are not many rules. If you want to free so free on any date, regardless of whether it is a leap year or not.


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