Well-tailored cotton trousers

Odd Trousers in cotton need not mean moleskin, corduroy or denim. Or thin summer chinos for the part. Our site strikes a blow for the well-tailored cotton pants.

For those who want a more relaxed alternative to the suit pants at the same time is a bit more elegant than jeans are this type of cotton trousers unbeatable. Some call them winter chinos, but apart from the hottest days of summer lends itself these actually year round without being either too hot or cold. Then there are of course the advantage that most cotton trousers are machine washable.

Even purely in terms of style, this type of material grateful to carry the odd trousers. The material is equally suitable for heavy tweed jackets that easier vårkavajer of cotton and linen. For example, are you wearing a pair of trousers in tweed to a thin cotton blazer will upholstery weight end up in the legs, which is rarely very flattering. Now, there are always exceptions, but generally it is better to choose a jacket in the heavier material than the pants. The heavier the material quality is the more important it is that the trousers sit nicely waist so as not to be perceived as drawling.

Important to remember is that the coarser cotton qualities have a tendency to stretch quite a bit after use. Some advocates to go down a size to its usual. Personally I think it is best to choose a size that fit well initially and then possibly adjust the pants of the tailor change after a period of use. For there is always a risk to guess how and what parts of the pants that will stretch.

Two pairs of navy blue and brown forms a good basis for being able to combine with the rest of the closet. On the shoe side makes itself these pants as well for dressy lace boots casual chukka boots in suede.