What I Have in Me – Fabio Attanasio

Today, we asked one of Italy’s main style personalities on what inspires him and his style. We’re talking about Fabio Attanasio who runs the blog The Style Bespoke Dudes where he was reviewing tailored suits, jackets, pants and shoes on both Italian and English.


Today I would define myself as a digital entrepreneur devoted to safeguard, defend and highlight the craftsmanship and classic elegance.

Four years ago I started the page The Bespoke Dudes because I had a genuine passion and dedication for clothes and this today has led to a full time job.

Based on what I have experienced and learned so was launched in March 2015 TBD Eyewear is a collection of glasses chosen by me and made by hand by Italian specialists.

Besides this, I am sometimes invited to hold conferences on the theme of fashion. In February 2014, I was invited to tell my story to high school students in Sulmona in the Abruzzo. The same year Bocconi Univerisity invited me to hold a conference on the tailoring industry. In early 2015, I held a conference in Lecce, together with the representative of the region in which I compared different skräddarskolor.

In May 2015 was conceived, I was invited by Professor Erica Corbellini to lecture at MAFED, who is a master in fashion, desgin and management. In early summer 2015, I was interviewed by Mr. Carlo Annese is deputy editor of GQ Italia Vitale Barberis Canonicos showroom in Milan regarding the tailor A.Caraceni. Since September onwards so I hold conferences in Naples with alumnistudenter from Bocconi and in Madrid and Palermo together with the Instituto de Empresa Business School of Madrid.

My style is based on an idea of classical elegance, but I choose to apply this principle to the present, my age and personal taste.
As I recently wrote in an article; a passion for high quality tailoring is a matter of culture. It is an extension of a man’s soul and a respect for tradition and an estimate of a kind of art form that is deeply rooted in a kind of balance and good taste.

A custom-made suit should not be seen as a status symbol but rather a purpose to express a fragment, the most visible one, of how we live.

Comments on the upholstery

I have this on a pair of sunglasses from TBD Eyewear model Cran. This name comes from the name of the angle between the collar and the battle on a jacket. They are handmade in Italy by skilled manufacturers.

My coat from Edesim Napoli is made of Casentino wool is double breasted and has external pockets with flaps and a Martingala buckle in the back.

The jacket is from NH Sartoria and is made of tweed from Portland & Hardy. The inspiration for this is actually a hunting jacket but we turned it small for a more contemporary look. The surface pockets are centered inverted pleats and shoulders have a soft structure. Armhole is “closed”

My pants are from Salvatore Ambrosi. They are made from a fabric called “Crispaire” Holland & Sherry with double pleats and stroke of 5 cm.

The boots from Santoni is amazing and made in cordovanläder from Horween Chicago. They were easy to go in and put already after a day absolutely perfect and now they feel like slippers on his feet.

– Fabio Attanasio

Rock – Edesim Napoli

Tweed Blazer – NH Sartoria

Shirt – Besani

Pants – Salvatore Ambrosi Napoli

Tie – Chiaia Napoli

Boots – Santoni

Sunglasses – TBD Eyewear Honey Cran

Instagram – @fabioattanasio