What I Have in Me – Patrik Löf

Next person whose personality and style inspires us here at our site Patrik Löf.Patrik is best known as a founding Skoaktiebolaget in Stockholm but has been a style and not least skointresserad man in decades. We asked what inspires him in particular when it comes to male style.


I’m self employed and runs Skoaktiebolaget, a small shop in Stockholm specializing in men’s shoes in the premium segment, such as Carmina Shoemaker, Enzo Bonafé, Saint Crispin’s and others.

Skoaktiebolaget began as something of a pet project, where initially the idea was that I would not be particularly active in the company, but with our strong performance, I have now moved over to work more or less full time with Skoaktiebolaget. My main responsibility is the purchase and the administrative part. The purchases are an amazing process that involves our whole team and gives me the opportunity to meet many extremely passionate people; Most of our suppliers are family businesses that lives by and for its products. There is something very special with that type of business.

As for my “style” as is very much the focus, not surprisingly, on the shoes. It is my great interest, of course. As for the dress, I usually rarely go the whole hog. Often there will be a navy blazer or jackets in various earthy colors, they often go in brown or green, with odd trousers. As two meters long so I think that it looks messy if you choose too crazy patterns or color combinations. I also controlled largely by practical factors, such as small children, it is not always feasible, for example, bright colors. Comments on the upholstery from toe to top, I have a pair of shoes from Saint Crispin’s in dark brown grain skin with a rubber sole. These are my favorite shoes to travel in, extremely comfortable even though they are small and they need virtually no maintenance, and rubber sole that makes them work well in the rain. Wool socks from Sozzi, of course, our sock from Milan.

The pants, dark brown in a fairly thin material with a loose fit to be practical to travel in, from the Neapolitan Napoli Su Misura – a good manufacturer of tailored garments that often visit Stockholm.

The jacket in the picture is perhaps my most daring in terms of tygvalet. Normally, I usually do not fall for such powerful pattern but when I got to see and touch the fabric of Liverano I was sold immediately.

Hestra has been producing gloves that are in green chamois. This is a couple from their customized line and I am extremely happy with them and I think it’s fun to Hestra been recognized internationally even when it comes to classic men’s gloves.

The scarf is from Rota and contributes a pleasant color and pattern click although the colors of the scarf is fairly dimmed.

The tie is in a wool and cashmere mixture and manufactured EC Capelli. I think green is a color that works well for a lot and something I often fall back on when it comes to accessories.

The coat in navy wool is my favorite rock, heavy and strong so that you would think that it is bulletproof, really warm and comfortable. It comes from Graham Browne in London, a little tailor in the “City” as before traveled to Stockholm regularly (but not beyond what I know).

Shoes – Saint Crispin’s

Jacket – Liverano & Liverano

Shirt – Leonardo Bugelli

Trousers – Napoli Su Misura

Tie – EC Cappelli

Scarf – Rota

Gloves – Hestra

Rock – Graham Browne

Instagram – @patlof