What is a Smart Bra

A smart bra able to measure your level of stress and help you relax with a big cake, anyone?

“”I have an idea!” a researcher at Microsoft, said a Monday morning. “Since women have life a little too easy at this time and nobody ever told them that they eat too much or that they are too big, I’ll invent a bra that will remind them that it shouldn’t they console themselves with treats when they are stressed.” I’m sure they will love!”

What is a Smart Bra

At least that’s how I like to imagine the scene.

You read Digopaul right: Microsoft has just invented a ‘smart’ bra that control your stress levels by monitoring your heart rate and your body temperature and sends you a small alert when you are a little strained, story to remind you of the hand out of the bag of chips immediately. Because, already that it is stressed, should not be more we had the misfortune to grow, people would not support it.

So, why target women in priority? First, because research shows that women are much more concerned with the issue of compensation with the food, and that the equivalent for men would be difficult to conceive, their underwear lying too far from their hearts.

The prototype is not quite to the point, having said. For now, the batteries do for four hours, which can make the experience even more annoying.

As long as to do, push the vice until the end and program the BRA so that it prevents us from eating when one is sad, when you’re angry, when we’re bored, when we watch TV, when we read, when preparing the meal, when we go to the movies–in short, of the taff to control us through anyway. And try to take away my cake from the mouth when I’m tense, have a little fun.

Edict of December 16, 2013: Good news Finally, the ‘intelligent’ Microsoft bra never materialized! This is only a prototype that fits into broader searches based on creating concepts that adapt to people’s moods. Microsoft has never really had the intention to create (and market) a bra that prevents women from eating when they are stressed. On the other hand, researchers well intend to continue the work aimed to connect the future technology to the emotions of its users – other than underwear.