What Is the Brazilian Sweetheart Jeans?

That jeans is the national passion, we already know. It is simply the most used piece by Brazilians for any occasion. Whether it’s for a happy hour, ballad, work, and casual occasions, no one dispenses good old jeans.

But here in Brazil, there is a jeans model that does not dispense. It’s the skinny jeans, you see? As Brazilians have more sharp curves, skinny values ​​each one very well and is also one of the easiest models to compose.

Are you in doubt? Let’s show you how to compose glamorous looks with the skinny jeans and dare like the Brazilians. Check it!

4 Stylish Ways To Wear Jeans Like The Brazilian

1-Romantic And Feminine Look

It is an ideal look for this little cold that is coming and you can go with it to anywhere according to softwareleverage.org.

Just choose a very basic skinny jeans and fold the bar. Bet on a lightly flowed shirt and navy blue blazer to complete the look. On the feet, just choose a shirt tone florid to harmonize the look and close with a handbag in the nude color.

2-Look For Modern Clothes

In this look what prevails is the personality, we have the overlay of the jeans shirt in a totally comfortable look, see how to assemble:

Combine a skinny jeans in black color with a very basic white regatinha. Put a jeans shirt over and fold the sleeve to become more stylish and complete with a collar. Bet on a black cowhide and a brown shoulder bag.

3-Winter Look For Winter

Brazilian women usually wear a medium-heavy boot over a skinny or legging jeans, looks stylish and ready for the cold.

Choose a skinny jeans with a very dark wash and a white tank top with lace and details in lace. Combine with a caramel-style boot and a belt of the same color.Finish the look with a jacket and a black shoulder bag.

4-Look Charming For Night

Here is a look that Brazilians use a lot to go out at night, it also serves to use at work.

Choose a very basic skinny jeans with moderate wash and match with a white fluid fabric shirt. Finish the production by combining a white blazer + black scarpin + black hand bag.

Did you like to know some of the most used looks by Brazilians? Now you know that the skinny model is the darling of the nation. Can you already separate your favorite pieces to compose incredible winter looks, combined?