What It Carries: Acid Wash Jeans

We closed a year, and started a new one, wanting to see the surprises ahead in 2009. What outfits look particularly actresses at the Oscars or Golden Globe?, Who will be the protagonists of the? magazine covers This new year? What trends will be in 2009?. On Jezebel I can clear some doubts as to the last question. The jeans will be acid or stone-washed and rinsed with bleach.

Another new fashion rescued directly from the 1980s. I remember from my childhood those jeans that you came with remains of stones in the pockets because they spent a hard process of worn out letting them practically white. That is the type of jeans that will take in the coming year.

On the catwalks Spring-Summer 2009 they have been at Balmain, Diesel and Topshop, but also have signed up to fashion some famous as Kate Bosworth, that carries jeans by Topshop.

Y Fergie It was left to do with these original pants with bleach stains.

But those advances to the fashions, the first to show off the new trends and risk with the latest are the bloggers. Some as Style Bytes agate has already dressed ones acid jeans.

And could not miss Rumi, Fashion Toast, that dares with these jeans worn with side vents.

Of course, we also have the Cowboys cleared up with bleach in the street style, from the hand of coffee Mode.

If you entered you already the itch to have some of this in your closet, you may ask where to find these items? First must be sought in the most modern networks, as Urban Outfitters, Topshop or H & M, and then will come the more conventional stores as Zara and Bershka, Mango. But, you can always search for your cabinets and storage rooms in search of lost clothing from years ago.