What Kind of Jacket You Just Pick?

Drizzly weather was already knocking on the door, and with it change our wardrobe from summer to autumn. Instead of short skirts and sexy dresses to begin to dress in comfortable pants, plush sweaters and jackets autumn, which we hide from unwelcome rain and cold wind. What is the jacket but for us the right?

How to choose the right jacket

First, before we show, what are the different types of jackets and coats to choose from, you mention a couple of good advice, how to choose for you the right jacket or other article of clothing. When testing in the jacket (I’ll post the jacket, but of course this applies to all our clothes), you just feel good. Must not strangle you nowhere, pull. Sleeves should they be neither short nor too long, narrow or wide. Of course if you like the jacket and the other simply do not want to, but the sleeves are still long, you can also contemplate to shorten. Turning must not be tight nor too loose – if, for example, then you trying jacket style hip hop. So the next time you try any piece of clothing, put on ourselves, not on shop assistant in a store, because she cares more about what the clothes sell than about whether you really sit down (of course there are many shops where it is exactly the opposite, but it may be possible every fourth?).

Before visiting the transaction, thus firming up soon, what we really have an idea jackets. Where do we wear a jacket – to work, or want it just for leisure? We want a sport or street chic look, the jacket is longer or shorter jacket or a nice jacket? We want a detachable hood, many pockets (for audio, mobile or purse), or a jacket zipped over the head with a unique design? I do not know about you, but I do before buying any clothes for themselves to qualify, what about seeking, because I followed in the selection of more things altogether irrelevant to win thus the piece of clothing that is closer to my idea (of course, but also often like to go just so for blind and trying and looking for a piece that is just right for me). Criteria for your jacket there may be many, but believe that today is getting these kinds of jackets and clothing generally, that’s certainly true in a shop or e-shop purchase.

autumn trends

And what are the trends this autumn? Drizzly weather envelops us in jackets and coats in all shades of brown, brick red and sand beige, but also beautiful pastel colors. Remain behind but also floral patterns, extravagant details and decorative ornamentation in the form of delicate embroidery. This year, they are also in a minimalist shell, giant striped poncho with a hood, leather jackets and coats. Another trend will be dressed in military style. So that olive warmer jacket would certainly not be missing in your wardrobe. The bad weather also can not do without waterproof jackets. Continued from previous years hit a softshell jacket which is very comfortable, lightweight, breathable with excellent thermal characteristics, so you do not have to dress beneath several layers of clothing. Softshell jackets are perfect for a walk into town but also some more outdoor activities.

So before you hit the cold and rain to annoying nosy wind, do not forget some nice jackets or jacket purchase. And remember – you are creating fashion, so what jacket you buy is up to you.