What Size Riding Pants do I Wear

Well-balanced riding pants are the key to a nice outing on horseback.You can sit and ride better, if you are wearing the correct size breeches.You can choose from many options and styles when it comes to riding breeches, depending on what type of riding as usual. Besides the comfort, if you take part in the competition riding clothes should fit perfectly and give no disturbance to the judges. Follow these steps to determine the size breeches you.


Determine which style of riding pants are going to get. Most breeches come at low or normal fit. Low breeches resting on the hips instead of the waist.
  • Use a tape measure to measure around the waist or hip, depending on what style breeches you’re buying. Measure the waist and regular fit trousers; about hip low-rise breeches.
  • Measure the leg to make sure you order the correct length breeches.Your inside leg inseam. Breeches should rest just below the calf muscle. Most manufacturers indicate inseam length. You may have to subscribe to a long, depending on the inseam measurement according to Fanciestpants.com.
  • Subscribe to my breeches according to the waist and inseam measurements. Breeches are sold according to waist circumference. You should order a size a little bit more than your waist measurement. For example, if you measure the waist is 25 inches, subscribe to breeches in 26.
  • Check the fit of your breeches store and once you get them, if you have subscribed online. Breeches should be an opening at the waist and suede patches should fit your knee.