What Skirt to Wear for Your Shape

When you buy a new skirt must comply with three criteria – the shapes of feet and buttocks and height. Whether you are high or low is essential to your ideal one toilet.
Skirts are among the most popular clothes of the ladies, as do figure gentle, feminine, while giving freedom to the body and are very comfortable in warmer weather.
But before you go shopping, you should know that certain models will always go, while others – no, and it depends entirely on your height.

Low Women

Low are all women whose height is less than 165 cm. Their main goal when you buy a new skirt is looking model optical silhouette will repay them.
Most suitable for them are short skirts with highwaist, whose focus is on the legs and makes them, at least visually higher. Such skirts must be worn in conjunction with high heels.
Another suitable option are the foothills where one side prihlupva other. They are very topical this year, and track their asymmetry emphasizes the waist and buttocks.
For women with an average height.

Women who are high between 165 and 173 centimeters, of medium height and can comfortably wear skirts without are shod heels.Skirt to the knee for them ideal model which focuses both the waist and legs.
Poly A-silhouette also will go as expand proportions at the bottom.

For Tall Women

Women who are over 173 cm are high. Long legs allow them to wear long skirts and airy. This type of skirts perfectly combines classic top and focus only on the legs.