What This Spring Goes: Monkeys and Dickies

Reviewing updates to the renewed website of Mango summer, I realized that the bulk of what we propose is based on a series of monkeys, as these type sarouel, prints in acid colours or denim, loose and caught with rubber ankle, adding to what are some practical Dickies short films that take us back to childhood.

In winter we have seen that they also and, in fact, we can go up to last summer, but it seems that return, In short and long versions, willing to can not resist them.

Because let’s face it: are quite difficult to bring.

And it is a shame, because are the most practical, Basically we skipped them due to lack of custom, not because they are especially outlandish, is that many believe that he does not favor the silhouette if you are very thin, and I by this late clone of Stella McCartney will make an effort and think throw me.

This one harem style It is a good idea in theory, it seems very cool and comfortable, per both blistering is difficult to execute without leaving ill stop … although attest that the baggy type trousers, sarouel, or harem, as you want to call because the differences are minimal, feel great and it hides all.

Mango is not the only company that brings them: soon will be able to acquire a similar, somewhat more feasible model but with a touch The same African e Saharan inspiration (and ankle or long version), the hand of Matthew Williamson for H & M. remember: April 23.

Although if it has fascinated you the idea and your Muse is Kate Perry, you know that in a store you can get with this one of animal print. And I know of a very well-known blogger (whose name won’t reveal) that did not stop until he had it in his hands. But after checking seals in Cibeles Clara Courel had ahead of their good intentions, like you removed the desire & #8230;

In the section of Dickies, and in the wake of the Mango proposals, I stay with this pair of versions.