What to Wear Green Skirts

Bright style today is very popular. Because green can be defined as universal as white. If your wardrobe is green skirt owner can be seen not only stylish, but also diverse. However, what is wearing a green skirt? Of course, many options. Yet skirt model depends very much.

What to Wear Green Skirts

What to Wear Long Green Skirt?

To understand what is best worn with long vintage skirts, especially should pay attention to the texture of the fabric itself shade of green on. In winter, model best suited blouses and turtlenecks brown, beige and black. If long green skirt of light fabric like chiffon or cotton, it is better to opt for tops or jackets sophisticated cut. As long summer skirts mostly bright green top is better to choose a more soothing colors, ideally suited to black and white. Choosing combined with long green skirt with boots, you need to consider your height and device you’re looking outfit. Green maxi length skirts annual well blended flat flip-flops, sandals or flip-flops. Winter version of the long skirt green boots suitable for a wide heel. Footwear better to choose black or red. Complementing the image to match the shoe bag. As jewelry to clothes, combined with a long green skirt can make beautiful jewelry, gold chain, bracelets and accessories with Swarovski crystals. Very good fit hat with a wide brim.

From what to wear short green skirt?

What to wear with short green skirt, you can easily fix the foot style. During the lush green mini skirt perfect top red, yellow, orange or white. You can choose the same color scheme asymmetrical blouse. When this style is better to take a discreet lipstick and shoe bag in the color of the lips.
Coming which is combined with a short green skirt direct form, not break the long head. Here, the best option will be black or yellow top and light floral blouses photos easy. Footwear and accessories in this case should choose classic.
Questions wear green mini-skirt in the crease is not so scary. In this case, I prefer white shirt topu or simple cutting and accessories soothing colors.
Knowing when wearing a green skirt, you’ll always look stylish. In addition, your wardrobe is not only full of gloomy black and white colors and will be cheerful bright colors.