What to Wear to a Wedding Plus Size Inspiration

My best friend is under the hood and I’ll show you my final now outfit that I wore for the occasion.
There was no special dress code, for me, it is however self-evident that I specify, by white and Red let the fingers unless otherwise.

Some of you (me on I n s t a g r a m follow) know that I’ve started some weeks ago to find the right dress. Some of you, I was even actively supported – my thanks goes with that at this point to @wuslon99 and @missbiggy, and all in the discussions involved haben

What to wear to a wedding – the look

My outfit consisted of two main parts: the dress and Cardigan.

Before I got this dress so that I had ordered about 8 dresses at ASOS and Dorothy Perkins – none of them was the right thing to 100%! To miss Fel one has shown me, which had convinced me immediately. Very nice I found it that you listed only parts that really spoke to me – if my preferences are so quick to debunk? Or missbiggy is just a natural talent in terms of styling

Anyway, I ordered the same evening by express at Dorothy Perkins dress (about €35, by Lovedrobe) and after a few days it was there.

The fabric of the dress is soft and flowing and I am me not been sure whether I liked wear as a substance to the wedding if I but a big belly and he would be emphasized at every movement. When I got it but Probegetragen, I wasn’t sure: Yes, I!
I found the Cardigan one week before the wedding at a rapid run through my small city. There was this long Cardigan (at Kik, €9.99) and a short (at H & M, €12.99), which you can find in a small image here. The color has been the same in both versions, they differ only in length and price.
Your opinions have been really very different and so I had to make a decision alone. The long Cardigan has the look the girly / cute taken and make it something classic.

The accessories

For this, I wore simple wedge-heeled pumps, that I found on sale at H & M (€15) and a bag of Coccinelle, which I have been somewhat longer. Earrings and ring are from Primark, and cost no more than € 10 recommended on Politicsezine.com.

The makeup

For my make-up I grabbed something at the Malta!
First, I confess that I am gone solarium approx. 3/2 weeks before the wedding in it. Then I missed also a week before the wedding even a new hair color me.

For the eyes I used hypnosis range doll eyes in Menthe A L’ Ô (D03) used and a black gel eyeliner by Inglot. Drawn eyes mascara and it still the Triple Black doll with a hypnosis has also been mascara by essence. I the light Dior used Hydra life Pro youth skin tint cream as a foundation. Since I had a touch of Tan and knew that I would sweat dancing and celebrate properly in it, I’ve completely omitted on a foundation. Contoured I have chocolate bronzer with the Bourjois.

My choice of fragrance has been of course something fine that day, so I have taken to Chanel chance Eau Tendre and woman can do no wrong the appropriate body scent-so!

The hair

I tied my hair into a simple ponytail. But I extended them with extensions. Now that I have tried it and now see how different I look with long hair, I would like even more permanent extensions!
Hair comprise 7 cloth in the color maroon. The braids have different sizes and are with clips to attach to your own hair. They are odorless and smooth. The color was adapted so well to my hair color that anyone noticed, that I have inside extensions. My only fear was that one through my fine hair through the Clip In the might – see what was not so. The usage was easy and quick to make – so here a very good for handling and color!
What I am less satisfied, is the ‘endurance’ of the products. 1001extensions veprspricht fun of up to 6 months. I must confess that the hairs are not so long thought with me. I don’t know if I blame my care (missing), or on the quality of the bonds question must, but have the hair after 2-3 times wearing the braids solved and are failed – not much, but I’ve clearly noticed the failure. I find very suitable for special occasions all in one this type of extensions, if you would like to change the own look. I wouldn’t recommend them for permanent use.

And, what do you say?
Your ELA

P.S. soon I tell the curves rush – the fashion show for curvy ladies!