Where to Buy Cheap Custom T-Shirts

Everyone likes jersey. They are cheap, original, funny and above all are unique.

In this article we want to help you to buy cheap custom t-shirts in the most rapid, comfortable and safe way.

Therefore we will then explain several options to get your custom t-shirt.

1 make custom t-shirts with transfer paper

Create your t-shirt personalized with transfer paper is a quick and inexpensive option. To do this, you simply need to buy transfer paper to print t-shirts. Keep in mind that you have to buy a transfer paper to print the necessary transfer paper-unlike white t-shirts to print t-shirts in dark colors.

1. where to buy transfer paper to make cheap custom t-shirts

The transfer paper is very easy to find. You can buy different types of paper transfer for linen or dark clothing. There are plenty of brands, therefore we recommend to read the views of buyers right in your purchasing decision.

Once you have the transfer paper simply have to print the design with home on the transfer paper printer. Remember that if you are going to print texts, the letters must be in mirror as well as the design mode.

Once printed design, only have to cut it with a scissors.

The next step is to take a piece of clothing or ironing Centre and ironing at a high temperature without steam. See Pat and keep it awhile so be serigrafie well shirt.

Then let it cool awhile and very slowly and carefully lift off little by little the role.

Already, you have your cheap personalized t shirt!

2. buy a custom T-shirt and send the text and design you want to screen printing

You can see numerous vendors that offer you the ability to customize your shirt with the text or image you want.

This is a good option for groups of friends, rocks, stag, commemorative t-shirts. Since many of these sellers offer big discounts for volume of orders.

3. custom sports t-shirts

If you are looking for a cheap t-shirt personalized with your name and number you can buy it on StunnerDresses.  On this platform you will find many sellers of soccer, basketball, NBA t-shirts… free offer the possibility to choose the number and the name that you want to carry in your shirt. This way you can have your cheaper and personalized soccer team shirt in a shop.

3 buy cheap t-shirts

If you want to know more about the website and how to buy shirts cheap, don’t miss our previous post.