Why men are wearing girls trendy sunglasses?

Masculinity is the key to the influential and luxurious French fashion house Céline’s style. And even if they do not make menswear (yet …) and their sunglasses have never been marketed to men, they are pretty much unisex and has proved to be somewhat of a cult phenomenon with the boys. Céline sunglass’ unique character, exclusivity and quality are irresistible to, for example, Pharrell Williams, Tinie Tempah and Jared Leto.

Why men are wearing girls trendy sunglasses

They’re not just a fixture on “front row” and various lists of best-dressed-Pharrel and Tinie have significant fashionable clout. Pharrell, fan of Céline New Butterfly and also Caty, got the prize as nothing less than this year’s fashion icon with CFDA. The stylish rapper Tinie have also worn Céline’s New Butterfly and Baby Audrey sunglasses and he is Ambassador for the London Collections: But for fashion week. On Maroon 5 ‘s frontman, Adam Levine sits Céline Original, a classic wayfarer, together with white t-shirt and jeans, tattoos, which together creates a different look. And all those who are afraid of a lack of masculinity in Céline should look at Dr No-villain Robert Davi, as is the epitome of masculinity. He has also worn Céline Original sunglasses.

What is it about Céline, as men do not find in their own Sunglass collections? It is a very specific and very pure minimalist interpretation of retro. And this, combined with the House’s attention to detail creates luxury, there is palpable. The powerful and luxurious acetate frames are hand made with sharp geometric shapes. Hinges with seven cylinders instead of the usual two gives them a deliciously satisfying solid quality. The three characteristic pins have an authentic vintage look. Then there is the refined color palette – two-color frame gives a breath of fresh air to the timeless tortoises colors, impressive layered colors put stripes around the edges.

Even though these sunglasses are not overtly feminine, but on the other hand, unisex, so there is a bit of rebelliousness in selecting them for the benefit of more masculine marks. It exudes confidence and shows that you are completely sure of yourself. If that’s you, then you get here our bid on the best Céline sunglasses that fit perfectly with the guys.