Winter Trends: Wedge-Soled Boots

Already is that winter is ending, but with these climatic changes can lengthen a little more as now we have rarely or spring or autumn and is more unbearable heat in summer and an intense cold that it is relaxing the rest of the months. So I’ve infatuated with the need to make me a pair of boots. I have a flat deformed leg and other high heel, also I’ve done with a pair of boots, yet another model I wanted.

And it was this search that I first started by noticing thick-heeled boots medium and punta semiredondeada. A very style Clark ’ s I saw in London a year ago. Something in gray or camel would be nice. But then I realized that there were several shops and firms a model which I had seen my sister a while ago: boots with wedge sole.

The best case is that I teased her saying that were his boots style Kiss, but as trends can occur in which less thought, because now I find that my sister is very fashion and I’m out Dela trend. Thus, from night to morning wedge soles moved the classic espadrilles and platforms for the summer to the more useful winter footwear in the world.

So, in addition to seeing them in stores, I began to seek the most appropriate style for these new boots and I realized that look great with cigarettes and style boyfriend-jacket, It is something that can be easily, comfortably and is very chic. that is, basically can be used like any other boot, but van perfect with this type of pants that with Mini-flowery folk style dresses gives a touch still more vintage to the topic.

In Nine West We can find two variations not only in color, but in texture and at the top of the cradle. Some are boots and other boots, wedge with either low or high and in spandex to conform to the leg or leather. Besides that you can buy in brown or black.

There I found an outfit of Rick Owens I believe that it will be my choice as joint boots trend above the knee and the wedge in black leather. But also I called the model in buff.

The firm Celine opt for something more risky with a touch that I rescued from the ancient Japanese wooden shoes. The boot comes in lime green with a more sharp and stylized cut wedge sole. And do not tell me that the brown suede’s? Balenciaga are they not to die with this effect of wrapped in the leg?

As you can see there is a little bit of everything. You only have to search their boots dream with this trend.