Worth Reading: Italian Touch

We have already given them the photobook Italian Touch as moccasin king Tod’s has developed together with the Italian fashion journalist Donatella Sartorio and photographer Paolo Leone. After finally got hold of a copy, it is only to say that for fans of Italian fashion is a must.

Successful architects, managers and winemakers. All with impeccable sense of style. And Todsskor on his feet. Italian Touch is hardly the most objective social portrayal ever seen, but from a style perspective, it is amazing. The whole book is imbued with a natural and completely unconcerned elegance that stands in complete contrast to the Anglophile style books that Mr. Jeremy Hackett Classic and B. Roetzels Gentleman. Here comes THE SMALL OCTAVE shirt collars and moderately worn jackets. For all of you who do not know what you wish for Christmas is a good tip.