Yamamay Summer Collection 2015

Yamamay presents the new summer collection 2015. Let’s see what inspired and which models are available for this season.

Tropical Collection 2015

It’s called Tropical Collection and is the new collection Yamamay thought for the ‘Summer 2015. Why Tropical ? Because it is essentially a colorful collection, fresh and sensual, inspired, in addition to floral themes, even to the typical seasonal fruits, especially exotic ones such as papaya, avocado, mango, dragon fruit, coconut , passion fruit. These fruits express and bring with them, thanks to their color and their flavor, the joy and the typical summer fun.

Yamamay offers several models, both bikini swimsuits, colorful, imaginative but also classics (not lacking in fact solid colors like black, red, blue or white).

tribal and floral patterns

Like almost every summer, returns with great success in this summer collection l ‘floral inspiration: the costumes are colorful and colors that reflect the theme are mainly yellow, mint green, coral, fuchsia and orange.

But this year, the new 2015 is characterized by tribal patterns that are inspired by the populations Maya ( not surprisingly one of the door collection lines their name) that we have seen in many collections 2014/2015 fashion. The most used colors in this case ranging from red to plum brown.

The floral patterns satisfied the tastes of the most romantic, tribal ones are suitable for those who dare a little ‘more, to those who want something more original and those who like to keep up with trends.

In the collection you can find all kinds of models. In addition to underwire swimsuits for the top we find on Bikiniwill.com: bikini, bands, balconies with or without cups; for the bottom of slip-tie, slip-hugging, high or low life.

Brazilian inspiration

Brazil, you know, is the country where the colors explode in all their liveliness, where you have the correct time and space to express them at 360 degrees. Yamamay tells us that: “Brazil is a magical place where the tropical spirit arrives like a wave from the ocean, such as pure oxygen by the immense Amazon forest, as a new idea from the creative power of its inhabitants.”

Many brands, especially for spring-summer, tend to use this country as a concept and predominant characteristic of the new collections, which are make-up or clothing.

Hence the derivation of tropical flavor of the new costumes for the 2015 Summer of Yamamay.