Yasmina Rossi, a Stunning Model at Age 59

Grandmother, 59 years old and succeeding as a model, it’s Yasmina Rossi It is not exactly commonplace, especially if we take into account that he began his career at 29 (where many of his classmates profession are thinking about retiring), and took off at the age of 45, after moving from France to New York.

He works as a model runway, photography and television, working with major brands such as Marks & Spencer, Hermes or Macy’s, and despite looking a long white hair and not trying to hide his age, seems to have a kind of magic wand that circumvent the passage of time.

How do you get it? According to Yasmina, be so good almost about to turn 60 It is no mystery. These are their key guidelines, do we believe them?

Eat organic foods (long before they were fashionable)

The science is not very happy with this point. When they were unveiled of organic food everything pointed to that they were much better than the rest, but in 2009 a study was in charge of deny this popular belief, confirming that they had the same nutrients than fruits and vegetables of traditional agriculture.

The year passed a meta-analysis conducted by researchers at Stanford University, where he reviewed more than 200 studies, pointed out that although they had the same nutrients, yes more omega-3s in organic milk, had been found in general ecological vegetables contain more nitrogen (probably by the use of different fertilizers), and finally reached the same conclusion that There was no significant difference to make them healthier.

What is more likely is that if Yasmina Rossi has taken a diet based on organic food, also has been followed in general healthy and free of precooked or food waste, food something that does have beneficial effects on the skin and figure.

Canola for hair oil

Always moisturize the hair is a good way of prevent is showing off or dry, although jobs to choose an oil, I perhaps I decantaría argan or almonds, since the canola oil, also called rapeseed oil, not just me inspire confidence.

Hobbies aside, although it is currently a safe product, is able to rejuvenate the hair? We cannot confirm it or deny it.

Rub the skin once a week with olive oil and fine sugar

This is a gesture that moisturizes and at the same time made of gentle exfoliant. A good proposal to keep a clean and luminous skin.

My grandmother has spent years using a similar trick and its 87 must be said to have amazing skin. Just you have wrinkles, but surely have been care life with good cosmetics, not smoking, not drinking alcohol, having a privileged genetic (they have not inherited) and do not eat more than you need, has also had much to do.

Eating an avocado a day

The avocado contains Vitamin E, that helps prevent premature aging, and also vitamin D, which strengthens our bones. Still, adds fiber and healthy fats and if we consume it once a day can help to reduce cholesterol.

This is, without doubt, a good advice. We bought it.


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Moderate exercise

Eat well and move (not overdo it, or wear us) is essential to keep us in shape. The great guy that looks Yasmina Instagram account shows that it does not lie, and is true that you don’t have to spend 20 hours in the gym to get it, activities such as yoga, pilates, walking or jogging feel good inside and out.

But returning to the question of the home, it is enough with these five points to see us so well to the 59? To me feel me that there are many things that the model does not have, perhaps not even intend to hide anything, but simply because it does not give them importance.

One that is missing and that obvious, is the attitude. Transmitted in their photos, but also is it can sense considering his career, almost to back flush, that sure that it has not been easy to leave victorious. There is no botox, surgery or treatment that will grant that, nor nor anything as rejuvenating as do what one wants, without taking into account the date of birth.

Could it be that you like so much? What do you think?