Zaremba Bespoke and Luca Avitabile Arranges Common Trunk Show

Travel Tailor has become a growing phenomenon here at Manolo. From being limited to one or a few Swedish tailors are now a handful of talented options available through regular visits, particularly in Stockholm. In two weeks, the capital privileged to first meet skjortmakaren Luca Avitabile which together with the tailor Zaremba holds a Trunk Show at the Royal Garden Hotel.

Zaremba bespoke

Faithful Manolo Readers familiar by now well Zaremba bespoke. Tailor shop run by Maciej Zaremba is Warsaw’s oldest, dating back to 1894. Then about 2 years has visited Stockholm for Trunk Shows which offered 100% custom-made in the form of jackets, trousers, coats and suits. It has also offered the shirts through external suppliers Emanuele Mountain D’Avino. What really got Zaremba to break through the craft level in terms of price. It is certainly still a lot of money but for about 4 000 to get a couple of completely tailored pants sewn by hand, which is very competitive in this context and only slightly above what a pair of pants clothing costs from a better manufacturer.

Blazers start at about 13 000 and that is a case of a completely hand-sewn and handpikérad full canvas construction and three avprovningar according to the rules. Prices can obviously vary depending on the choice of fabric.

Our freelance writer Olof Nithenius reviewed in 2014 in two articles a tailored blazer from Zaremba which you can read about here and here.

Luca Avitabile

Luca Avitabile is perhaps not as well known name in Sweden, but an internationally recognized player with great respect. Much is probably because he is until now not been available for the Swedish market, but worked from Naples and via Trunk Shows, mainly in London.

Handcrafted, these are full of Bespoke by all the rules. The commissioning tests with test shirt and an individual pattern for each customer. Details like the shirt collar can develop freely according to customer requirements and is not limited to his own standard collars.

And perhaps best of all… the price level starts at 200 € which makes Luca Avitabile to one of if not the most affordable provider of custom shirts we met.

Olof has also reviewed a tailored shirt from Luca Avitabile which you can read more about here.