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4 Must-Have Shirts in the Closet!

The t-shirts are a Prime item to have in the wardrobe in any season! Are easy to combine, and serve as a basis for the day-to-day looks. Not to mention that the shirts were never so fashionable as now–perfect for the more stripped-down productions, for the look of work or ballad. Just wondering what the ideal model to invest and which combine parts, today’s post is exactly that!

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The different model of all, not all girls who know how to use or all kinds of bodies are good are the boxy tees! This model is squaret-shirt with sleeves a little wider and can be very short or at the elbows according to Computerminus. If you have rectangular body, avoid the model because it will make you even more straight, my tip is to always use with a piece under that mark the waist as skirts in line or flare skinny jeans with belt! Are also great as cropped top !


The t-shirt with v-neck is the most democratic of all because it leaves the free lap, for girls with very breast is the ideal model because “opens the neck“. Also help to elongate the silhouette and end up being perfect for the summer looks, especially if they are made in a lighter fabric!


This original model here of t-shirts–round neckline with fair or collar collar canoe-beware of this second option because it increases the shoulders! You’re body inverted triangle, avoid! Already the round collar look good on almost everyone and the more loosey-goosey, the better! Are perfect for the looks tidieras under a blazer for the look of modern work.


The favorite! No matter the model itself because it depends on your body type and personal taste, simply put a stamp in that everyone loves! The phrases are super trendy, minimalist as well that writing “Kale” or even the more abstract prints like look with trench coat white! Perfect for composing looks stripped and with a footprint more fashionista, Valley have a dozen in the wardrobe!

What is your favorite?

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