Women’s Clothes

A Fashion Universe That Seduces with Femininity

In Peruvian fashion blogs I follow via Bloglovin, there is a brand that is repeated as “object of desire”: Butrich. Intrigued with it I decided to contact its creator Jessica Butrich and go into his creative world, which has been seven years in the market. What I found? A universe of fashion – clothing, accessories and shoes – feminine, flirty and nostalgic, which seduces who approaches him. Today Jessica tells us how has this hypnotic effect, which will take her to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.

The motivations to create Butrich

“Started as a playing, imagining things that could not get here, especially the shoes. I have always designed in my and that I’d like to use, I realized that the clothing was a means to express myself, to show the world as I am. “Last year the brand has taken a very important turn, we changed the name (From Jessica Butrich to Butrich), as well as renew the entire image, the logo and graphics”.

The proposal of Butrich

“Butrich is reinventing the aesthetics of the past with a unique style, exploiting the use of graphics and female elements that characterize today. The Butrich brand has been applauded for creating an aesthetic itself, full of femininity and loaded with a sophisticated irreverence. ” Butrich seeks to break paradigms reinventing the past in a way witty to inspire women to be innovative and creative at the moment to find your style”.

The factors influencing the development of collections of Butrich

“I have a very strong connection with retro style, they inspire me much classical vintage shoes and 60s silhouettes shapes.” I appropriate the touches that I like from different eras to create something new. “I have magazines specialized in shoes since the 30s to the 60s, before starting a new collection always I come to my references also inspired me very much on things and objects that have nothing to do with the body: the antique tableware, kitsch decoration, pop graphics and above all the French pastries is one of my great inspirations”.

A look at the scene of the Peruvian author shoe

“In recent years has changed radically, there are now many more choices of shoes and you can find almost everything what is using worldwide.” When I started there was little to choose, and all he had was very sober. It today in Lima international trends are imposed in a very strong way and I believe that my brand is a break from the conventional, is a space of freedom and game where there are no rules to how one should dress or as it must combine the things. The brand’s playful and irreverent aspects always characterized for being stylish and sophisticated”.

Butrich and its commitment to being a brand identity

“I am very aware of the global trend in shoes, but I can’t with my temper when I don’t like the trend completely ignore it.” I try to keep me always faithful to my style so that my brand has its own identity. I prefer to never speak about what ‘used’ or ‘not used’, because there is nothing more beautiful than an original girl not wearing what is fashionable according to dentistrymyth.com.
For many years I had to go against the current to keep my style and today I am very happy because it is precisely the reason why people recognize me. My brand authentic with the passage of the years has remained, despite global trends and local tastes, I’ve continued doing what I love to design. Little by little my audience has been growing, and I think that today my brand can be an example of how one has to do what he feels, without trying to please anyone. “I think that this helps create an identity more solid in the local design, more brands of beautiful things that we already know are not required but makes things that will surprise us and put us to the test”.

Imagining the future of Butrich

“After me the shoes for several years I decided to relaunch Butrich and this year we present a complete collection, with clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.” We have many plans for the brand, as soon as we opened the first showroom Butrich. In the short term we’d like to start selling online, eventually opening a store and expand the brand into new areas such as children and decoration”.