Amazon and Galapagos

by | May 4, 2021

Join us for some of South America’s absolute highlights. The journey starts with us taking a beautiful journey from the Andes to the Amazon. A great journey not only for the fantastic views but also in terms of the exciting culture with Shamans and the many medicinal plants that are revealed here. We spend three nights at a lodge located right on the banks of the Amazon River. The journey then continues to the fascinating Galapagos Islands. Here, for six days, we will travel around three different islands and take us on exciting excursions to discover most and best of the Galapagos. The great treasure is the rich wildlife that we get really close to. We see sea lions, sea turtles and many more of the special wildlife just a few meters away. A fantastic experience!

Amazon and Galapagos 2

Day 1: Arrival in Quito
Flight from Scandinavia to Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Once there, we are met by our guide who will take us to our hotel. Overnight in Quito.

Day 2: Bus to Amazonas
Breakfast at the hotel. Then an exciting bus ride awaits us that takes us from Quito’s 2850 masl to the Amazon basin which is about 400 masl. Our highest point will be almost 4000 masl. The journey from the Andes to the Amazon takes us about 6-7 hours depending on the stop and lunch. We reach Santa Rosa, where we can go by canoe to enjoy one of the most iconic river experiences of our lives. We reach the lodge after about 20-30 minutes of river navigation. Overnight at Yacuma Eco Lodge. (Breakfast and dinner)

Day 3: Excursion in the Amazon
Breakfast at the lodge while the jungle wakes up. Yacuma’s abundant rainforest reserves can be experienced in many ways. With over 20 km of trails and trails in the jungle and a private part of the river, there is much here to explore. In the morning we do an exciting jungle hike, where we slowly make our way around paths and trails in the Amazon. We have our local guide with us who tells us about life in the Amazon and the exciting plants that are found here. We will explain and show many of the medicinal plants and the local bird life that lives here. Back to the lodge for lunch. After lunch we get to see the local Kichwa community Chontayacu, here we can appreciate and take part in their simple jungle-driven lifestyle. An interesting window to see how people have learned to live in step with nature. Overnight at Yacuma Eco Lodge. (Breakfast,

Day 4: Excursion in the Amazon

River which is the entrance to Yacuma Lodge is called Chontayacu, it is an important part of your experience here in Yacuma. On this day we will prepare for a 3 hour jungle hike to take us upstream to where the river becomes a wonderful waterfall. On this walk we will pass through primary and secondary jungles. We will return to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon we will go out on the river to wash gold. An exciting and fun activity. We also have some other activities for the afternoon such as. creation of chocolate from locally grown beans, a delicious dinner and a fun farewell party with local music and art. Overnight at Yacuma Eco Lodge. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Day 5: Bus to Quito
Weather permitting, an early rise may allow us to explore one of the few “Colpas” in the region. These unique smiling banks attract local birds every morning in the hundreds. After breakfast we will say goodbye to our friends and board our canoe to once again take the incredible river trip from the Yacuma EcoLodge and continue our adventure in Ecuador. Once in Santa Rosa, our transport is waiting to take us back to Quito. Overnight in Quito. (Breakfast)

Day 6: Flight to Galapagos
Early in the morning we fly to the island of Santa Cruz, one of the most important islands in the archipelago. After checking in at the hotel in Puerto Ayora, we make an excursion to Tortuga Bay. The walk in the sun is rewarded with a spectacular white sandy beach that stretches across the south coast of Santa Cruz. Tortuga Bay beach is known for its expansive and pristine shoreline. Already here we will be able to experience the rich wildlife of the Galapagos. We get really close to the animals and if we are lucky we can see both sea lions, sea turtles and several unique bird species. Then walk back to the city and our hotel. Overnight in Santa Cruz. (Breakfast)

Day 7: Boat Tour Bay Tour (half day)
After breakfast at the hotel we will board a small boat, we will visit different places in the bay at Puerto Ayora. We will discover marine iguanas, sea lions and blue footed soles and much more. We will also have the opportunity to snorkel with sea turtles (if we are lucky). This tour is full of beautiful sights and it is a great way to spend a day on the island of Santa Cruz. Overnight in Santa Cruz. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 8: Speedboat to San Cristobal and half day trip
In the morning we take the boat about 2 hours to San Cristobal. An exciting boat trip that takes us out to sea. Once there, we go to our hotel. In the afternoon we do a hike to Cerro Tijeretas with Bay snorkeling.
Just north of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is San Cristobal and Galapagos National Park. We’re going to Cerro Tijeretas and Playa Carola. A paved path leads up to the mountain Cerro Tijeretas which has a small network of hiking trails with panoramic views above a protected bay. We go down here and get the chance to snorkel for those who want. We then continue from Cerro Tijeretas and eventually reach Playa Carola, famous for its lighthouse. Here is a beach that the sea lion calls his, here the sea lion lies in abundance and enjoys the sun. After many photos of close-up sea lions, we return to the hotel. Overnight in San Cristobal. (Breakfast)

Day 9: Excursion to the highlands of San Cristobal
The highlands are a special place to visit. As this is home to a lot of biozones, there is a lot to experience during your hike here. The San Cristobal highlands reach a maximum altitude of 730 meters and have a much cooler weather than Puerto Baquerizo Moreno which is located by the sea.
Right in the heart of the highlands we find El Junco, a freshwater lake. This is the only large freshwater lake in the entire Galapagos. This is a great opportunity for bird watching, as you can observe frigatebirds that will rinse their wings from the salt.
Lunch is served on a natural farmhouse, and after a break in the hammocks we continue on to the lovely beach of Puerto Chino which is located in an isolated bay on the southeastern part of San Cristobal. On this beach we can swim and watch blue-footed sole and sea lion. After a wonderful day we return to the hotel. Overnight in San Cristobals. (Breakfast and lunch)

Day 10: Day off
Today we can take it easy or join an extra excursion that the guide arranges. Those who want to take it easy can only go down to the beach with a book, but remember that you share space with the local sea lions on the beach. Overnight in San Cristobals. (Breakfast)

Additional tour: Excursion to Kickers Rock about 150 USD
This excursion is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy snorkeling and diving, this is one of the absolute highlights of the Galapagos Islands. Here you have the chance to see Hammarhaj and Galapagos shark.
Kicker Rock is the remains of a volcanic cone that has been eroded by the sea. Above the water, the high rock formation extends about 140 meters over the Pacific Ocean and is home to a number of Tropical Birds, Blue-footed Sula and Splendid Frigate Birds. The real traction takes place below sea level. The natural erosion of this ancient cone has created a channel between the rocks that provides the perfect environment for various sharks and rays including Spotted Eagle Rays, white reef shark and Galapagos shark, but also Hammarhaj! The unique conditions in this area provide a good opportunity to snorkel with these magnificent animals. Swimming with sharks is incredible, no doubt about it. A lunch stop and swim at Manglesito Beach on Islas Lobos is also included in this Galapagos highlight. After lunch you can snorkel with friendly sea lions or take a walk on the beach. (Lunch included)

Day 11: Flight to Guayaquil
Transfer to the airport for flights to Guayaquil. Once there, we head to the hotel and can rest after a fantastic Galapagos week. For those who want to see some life can go down to the big esplanade – El Malecon. Overnight in Guayaquil. (Breakfast)

Day 12: Return to Scandinavia
Breakfast at the hotel. In the afternoon we take our transfer to the airport for flights to Scandinavia. (Breakfast)

Day 13: Arrival in Scandinavia
We land in Scandinavia in the afternoon.

Amazon and Galapagos