Ambler Mountain Works BBB Baseball Cap

by | August 12, 2015

Ambler Mountain Works

Ambler Mountain Works BBB Baseball Cap




Brand Facts:

Ambler Mountain Works BBB is a Canadian brand specializing in manufacturing mountain fleece hats, bags, scarves and other accessories for people living in mountains.

Based on collaboration, adventure and unique innovation, they are committed to create quality and functional products for people to enjoy and make a difference in their lives.


Main Categories:

Caps, heat beanies, mittens & scarves, bags, kids’


Time and place: 1995, Canada

Early products: fleece hats

Nickname: BBB

Founder: Jackie & Christian


Headquarter Location:

Canmore, Alberta, Canada


Store Locations:

Canada, US


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Baseball caps: USD13.48-USD37.95

Baseball Bat

Official Website:


Fellow fisherman at the center of the photo with your Bass Pro Cap

One day, surfing the internet vi which I think that many fishermen have noticed, even in several photos that customers and fellow fishermen have sent me to post on my Facebook Fanpage and on this website, there is a “repeating pattern”; the Caps Bass Pro

Bass Pro Shops caps look me great and although many fishermen and some “haters” comment that it is by fashion or mere boast, I think that one of those items of fishing is that you must have in your collection; We will, it is the largest and most iconic store of fishing in the world.

Our friend Tiger Barragan his Bass Pro and two tremendous Snooks!

If you’ve been looking for Bass Pro Shop original caps I recommend you buy them directly in your online store, they have international shipping. To make the search a little easier I’ll list the caps which in my opinion are the most attractive.

That Yes, I am the most ignorant in matters of fashion (as many of you probably), so for tastes the colors. At the time of purchase you decide what what you will like better.

1 Bass Pro Shops® Camo Outdoor Store Cap

This is a cap of excellent camouflage for practitioners of the sport hunting, but many fishermen are also sporting hunters can be taste for both. This hat has the logo embroidery shop in the front. 100% cotton and a single adjustable auto size.

2 Camo Flame Cap

A very striking design that consists of a large combination of camouflage and flares and of course the logo Bass Pro. 100% cotton.This cap is undoubtedly worthy of carry it anywhere. Honestly, I think a CAP so striking, as you mentioned one of your buyers is a “magnet for girls”.

3 Heritage Cap

One of the best-selling style trucker with the embroidered badge on the front and its particular design and color combination makes it a favorite fishing caps. It is ideal for fishing and outdoor activities.

4 Visor Camo

Fans of camouflage and hoods should be pleased with this camouflage visor. 100% cotton, very comfortable and of course, with insignia on the front.

5 Cap Trucking Bass Pro

Classical Bass Pro Cap, trucking with the classic logo embroidered on the front, make it one of their standard models and that should not miss in your collection of articles of sport fishing.

6 Fish Bill

A very nice CAP that distinguishes from other owners. It denotes the love for the great outdoors and its similarly to baseball caps is what most strikes me.100% cotton is made and comes with a unique size.

7 Athletic 72

Happy to use caps for protection against the harmful rays of the Sun, and more if you are one of this style. The logo embroidery on the front, white stitching and made of 100% cotton, make it a unique Cap. The choices of colors are cream, blue and red (the Red is extremely striking) .

8 Midbill

Embroidered with the logo on the front and adjustable strap. The hood of this CAP has the proper length to protect yourself from the Sun without blocking your view while you are performing your favorite outdoor activity.

9. Realtree Xtra®

This is another of the caps to look anywhere and show your love for nature and activities in the open air. It is a very striking cap for the contrast of the colors of camouflage on the back with white seams.

Hats are synonymous with elegance and style like no other piece of clothing. Always special and fancy headwear were a hallmark of the nobility and high society. Today they perform annually the craziest and most expensive Hat creations at the traditional races in the British Ascot rich and beautiful.

Yet in the 1950s was the hat in men as in women an integral part of everyday clothing. While men declined the classic black Mr Hat actually only in the church lady hat was also was more like a piece of clothing for special occasions. In the following decades, the hat slowly but surely disappeared from the street scene.Only among artists, musicians and actors, the hat remained a popular stylistic and not uncommon expression of a particular life style and fashion taste.

Caps and hats remained popular as an expression of a certain group membership. In the 1990s, nothing without caps, so-called baseball caps was among young people. Madonna coined the trend to the cowboy hat in all colours and execution in early 2000. And more and more male musicians and actors wore back classic hats.

Last but not least, the Haute Couture and prêt à-Porter shows in Milan, Paris, London or New York show us the new trend of the headgear for years. And you can see also on the streets of fashion-conscious cities increasingly enthusiastic Hat makers and hat wearers.

For good reason. Even if wearing a hat at the beginning seems unfamiliar and perhaps some overcoming costs, so a hat is good a universal, modular and not very practical garment. A hat protects from wind and weather as before burning sun and makes you forget any bad Hair Day in the blink of an eye. A hat flatters the face and is a trend that can be worn by any character type. Smaller fashion victims will also appreciate the extra centimeters of added gemogelter body size. Do you need more reasons to want to buy a fashionable cowboy hat or a chic Hat?

There are hats for every taste and every style of dress. Whether classical Herrnhut to the suit or costume or even a style Crusher to the delicate summer dress, casual cowboy hat for jeans and a T-Shirt, or elegant 1920s headgear to the evening dress – a hat stresses and complements every outfit and every type. In autumn, warm and wind-protective headgear are a very practical accessory. Whether you are more likely to purchase a masculine hat or a feminine hat is up to you. So, do dare! Show fashion sense and take courage to the hat!